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TOP STORIES: Lucas Garcez, Lucas Fernandes, Aaron Thornton, Wyatt Nash and Sean O’Pry

chad white

cornelius carol

ray john pila

michael freeby

sean o'pry

#1 – Lucas Garcez by Wong Sim
#2 – Lucas Fernandes by Wong Sim
#3 – Aaron Thornton by Ray John Pila
#4 – Wyatt Nash by Michael Freeby for MMScene
#5 – Sean O’Pry for Vogue Hommes International

Two Brazilians photographed by Wong Sim, Aaron Thornton, Wyatt Nash exclusive by Michael Freeby and Sean O'Pry in our last weeks top 5. 

These five stories got the most of your page views in the previous week as well as the most responses over at our Facebook and Twitter accounts. To additionally calculate the top five we used Google Analytics. 

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