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4 Basic Tips for Men Looking to Get Their Feet Wet with Modeling

Modeling doesn’t have to be a full-blown career, but rather a hobby or something you can do in your spare time as you focus on self-care.

Men Modeling

“Hey, you totally look like a model in this picture.”

While such a compliment might feel awkward or in jest, many guys should consider that perhaps they could be cut out for the world of modeling.

And even if you never grace the runway, consider the popularity of fashion models and influencers on platforms like Instagram. Modeling doesn’t have to be a full-blown career, but rather a hobby or something you can do in your spare time as you focus on self-care.

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So, what are the basics you need to do if you’ve thought about dabbling in the world of modeling? Below we’ve broken down four essentials for prospective models no matter how serious you are about getting started.

Rethink Your Wardrobe

Regardless of what sort of modeling you might be doing, chances are you’re going to need some fresh clothes beyond what’s already in your closet.

A combination of basic fits (think: solid colored t-shirts, denim jeans) and outerwear (think: blazers) are smart starting points in addition to accessories such as shoes, belts and ties. Rather than break the bank, consider finding online deals such as this Myntra fashion sale in addition to second-hand stores.

Visit a Legit Hairstylist

For those who haven’t visited a proper barber in years or have a mop of hair on their heads, it’s time for a change. On the flip side, if you’ve been rocking a crew cut or shaved head, you might want to take some time to grow your hair out.

There are plenty of haircut ideas for men which are versatile regardless of your current cut. The traditional “short on the sides, long on top” is a safe bet and allows for a variety of styles to experiment with. Regardless, schedule an appointment with a reputable stylist versus a discount hair cut joint.

Men Modeling

Get Into a Healthy Routine

Need to drop some weight? Pack on some muscle? Either way, hitting the gym is a smart move for the sake of filling out your clothes better and helping your skin glow. Both weight training and cardio will help, so don’t just focus on one or the other.

That said, your diet is the biggest factor in terms of your health routine and your ability to lose (or gain) weight. Consider how you can double-dip your weight management effort with some of the best foods for your skin such as oats and kale, all of which will keep you full and looking fabulous at the end of the day.

Snap Some Headshots

Even in the age of social media, having someone take your headshots is a must-do. You may very well know somebody with a high-quality camera who can do it for you as opposed to hiring a professional. Taking a variety of high-res pictures in the wild can likewise make you more comfortable in front of the camera.

If you think you have the chops to be a model, why not go for it? Getting started is probably easier than you think, especially if you stick to the tips highlighted above. If nothing else, doing so will be a big boost to your confidence and sense of style!

Images: Manny Rodrigues by Ron Ben

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