Warriors by Richard Phibbs for Client

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Magazine: Client
Issue: #5
Editorial: Warriors
Models: Andre Ziehe, Evandro Soldati, Leo Neves, Thiago Ribeiro, Arthur Sales, Marlon Teixeira, Romulo Pires, Diego Miguel
Hair: Stephen Rose |Art Department|
Makeup: Leanne Hirsh |Kramer & Kramer|
Stylist: Antonio Branco
Photographer: Richard Phibbs
Website: www.clientmagazine.eu
Client magazine rounds up Brazilian top models joined by the most promising up and comers for Warrios, a remarkable new series by photographer Richard Phibbs featuring styling by Antonio Branco.

Out today Client is available both in print and digital on magazine's newsstand. 

Andre Ziehe Thiago Ribeiro Evandro Soldati Marlon Teixeira Arthur Sales Diego Miguel

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