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HUGO Unveils Innovative Dual Brand Line Strategy for Summer 2024

HUGO launches Summer 2024 collection and introduces the denim-focused HUGO BLUE.

Courtesy of Hugo

HUGO is set to make a splash in the fashion world with the unveiling of its innovative brand universe, comprised of the established HUGO main line and the eagerly anticipated new addition, HUGO BLUE. May 2023 saw the announcement of HUGO BLUE, a brand line dedicated to redefining denim, complemented by an array of streetwear and gender-neutral options, signaling a fresh direction for the brand.

HUGO’s #HUGOYourWay campaign for this season embodies a spirit of experimentation and individuality, targeting the socially conscious generation of changemakers who view fashion as a means of personal expression. The campaign brings together talents from diverse creative fields, including Reezy, Jasmine Jobson, Teezo Touchdown, Rikimaru, Cara Taylor, and Vinnie Hacker, to narrate the cohesive story of HUGO’s dual brand lines. Captured by the lens of Stuart Winecoff, the campaign artfully contrasts HUGO’s iconic red with the introduction of HUGO BLUE, symbolizing a dynamic exploration of fashion and identity.

The introduction of HUGO BLUE initiates in a new era of denim-focused fashion, while the HUGO main line continues to push the boundaries of casual wear and contemporary tailoring. The Summer 2024 collections are a testament to the brand’s versatility, offering everything from cutting-edge suiting to casual denim ensembles. HUGO’s main line is characterized by modern suiting in soft pastels and a variety of silhouettes, alongside statement accessories and metallic pieces. HUGO BLUE, on the other hand, places denim at its core, presenting a wide range of jeans, skirts, jackets, and more, all infused with an effortless, laid-back aesthetic.

Courtesy of Hugo

To celebrate the launch of HUGO BLUE, a special event is scheduled for March 6 in Berlin, promising an immersive experience that blends entertainment, the metaverse, and gaming. This initiative is designed to resonate with Gen Z consumers, inviting them to explore their identities in both physical and virtual realms.

In its quest to connect with the social generation, HUGO plans to leverage social media and innovative in-store merchandising to promote its Summer 2024 collections. These strategies aim to highlight the brand’s unique style codes and its bold new approach to fashion.

Courtesy of Hugo

The Summer 2024 offerings from both the HUGO main line and HUGO BLUE will be available for purchase in-store and online at starting February 28, 2024. This launch marks a significant moment for HUGO, as it expands its fashion domain with more styles, more attitude, and a significant emphasis on denim, promising a season of unparalleled style and innovation.

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