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Ludovico Vazquez and Kristina Hofferova by Claudia Anzalone

Ludovico Vazquez

Promising Milan based fresh faced models Ludovico Vazquez (I Love Models Management) and Kristina Hofferova (Urban Model Management) team up for the fun-filled Super Rich Kids story shot by Claudia Anzalone, now exclusively on Male Model Scene. Kristina was styled for the session by Andrea Brandolini and Ludovico by Gianfranco Lo Sterzo. Makeup is courtesy of makeup artist Tommaso Caloiero, and hair styling by Rosario Gualtieri.

Here's the story of Super Rich Kids: Young, vicious, beautiful and damned. Spoiled teenagers with a passion for designer clothes, expensive furniture and whatever their daddy’s money can buy. These privileged kids only know the top-floor life, and from the height of their golden youth they look down upon everyone else with a glare of obnoxious snobiety, confident in the beauty and carelessness that life graced them with. And if money can’t buy love, who cares? What only matters is to have someone by your side who knows that“everything that glitters may not be gold, but it’s sure worth owning.

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Ludovico Vazquez Ludovico Vazquez Ludovico Vazquez Claudia Anzalone Kristina Hofferova Ludovico Vazquez

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