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The Big Boys Band by David Roemer for Elle Man Mexico

Elle Man

Magazine: Elle Man Mexico
Editorial: The Big Boys Band
Models: Adam Senn, Alex Lunqvist, Ben Hill, Reid Prebenda, RJ RogenskiRomulo Pires, Ryan Kennedy, Sid Ellisdon, Tyson Ballou
Hair: Enrico Mariotti
Makeup: Samantha Trinh
Stylist: Joseph Episcopo
Photographer: David Roemer |Atelier Management|
Set Design: Stephen Caputo
Edited by: Saori Yamamoto
Movie Directed by: Luca Finotti
Here's something sitting in our drafts for a while, a mega cast of top model names teams up for an Elle man shoot by David Roemer accompanied by Luca Finotti's fantastic video. 

Elle Man Elle Man Elle Man Elle Man Elle Man Elle Man Elle Man Elle Man

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