9 Easy Grooming Tips For Grooms On Their Wedding Day

Remember, wedding photos last for a lifetime

Dear soon-to-be-husbands, we hear you have booked the perfect venue, ordered the perfect cake, got the best photographer, and bought the most expensive designer outfit for your wedding.

However, that does not mean a thing if you look sloppy and messy on your big day! The moment you hear those wedding bells ring, start taking care of yourself. Take a look at these 9 easy and simple grooming tips to help you look on-point on your wedding day.

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1. Hair Care Saves The Day

Great hair doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by appointment.

You wouldn’t want to look homeless and tardy next to your gorgeous bride. So, go to a hairstylist and choose a haircut that suits your face and will go well with your wedding outfit.

Oh and don’t get a haircut on the day of your wedding. Get it at least a week before the big day. This way, you will get some time to adjust and look sleek. You can use hair gel to set your hair properly and make it look sleek.

If you are not sure about which gel to use or which hairstyle to get, check out Faveable for inspiration and ideas.

2. Get Your Shaving Game Strong

We know you can shave on your own, but it’s your big day, and you might be super stressed out. So, it’s best to go to a salon a day before the ceremony and get a nice, luxury shave from a professional.

This way, you won’t have to worry about post-shave rashes or irritation on your wedding day. Your face will look sharp and fresh for the wedding photos. If you have a beard, make sure you comb your beard and use good electric razors for a neat trim.

Now, if you are still planning to shave on your own, please do so carefully. Make sure you have a sharp razor blade and use the razor against the direction of your hair growth for a clean shave. If you get small cuts, use a styptic pencil to stop the bleeding.

If your beard is long, you can use a conditioner for a smooth texture.

3. Facial Helps

Exfoliate your face and use a good moisturizer for smooth and glowing skin. You can either scrub at home or set an appointment at a salon. You can also turn it into a grooming day for you and the groomsmen.

Facials help get rid of dead skin cells, which make your face look more radiant. If you have acne or blemishes, it can slightly reduce that but no promises.

Acne problems are more long term. So if you want an instant fix for your wedding day, it is wisest to consult a doctor and get something to rescue you on your big day.

Make sure you drink lots of water and eat foods which are rich in antioxidants. Try not to stress too much and sleep properly the night before to look fresh.

4. Manicure Please

You cannot escape from the close-shot of your hands when you are exchanging rings. So, take good care of your hands. Clip your nails and keep them clean and neat.

You can either go to a nail salon and get it done or do it at home. Apply hand lotion so that your hands don’t look dry. Soak your hands in warm water and use a warm towel to rub the dead skin or calluses off your palms.

In no time, your hands will feel baby soft and ready for the spotlight.

Now, while you are at it, might as well get a pedicure done. You never know when you need to take off those shoes. Pamper yourself!

5. Tweeze and Trim

Nose hair, ear hair, and fuzzy eyebrows are a big ‘no-no’.

Trim and tweeze those before the wedding. Everyone’s eyes will be on you. You will get your pictures taken from every angle imaginable. So, make sure your eyebrows aren’t fuzzy and wild. Shape them to enhance the look.

Also, people will be whispering marriage advice or even bad wedding day humor. So, make sure you have no ear hair when they are sharing jokes.

Get rid of stray hair, if you have any.

6. Be True To Your Teeth

Remember: behind every smile, there’s teeth.

Weddings are all about giggles and laughter. With the photographer trying to capture every detail of your laugh, you might as well invest in good whitening toothpaste. Start using it a few weeks before the big day and get ready to show off those pearly whites.

You can also visit your local dental clinic a week before the wedding to get professional teeth cleaning and whitening done.

Use mouthwash and brush properly on the wedding day. Use mint for fresh breath.

7. Use Deodorant

Don’t be smelly! Put deodorant after the shower.

You will be hugging a lot of people on your wedding day. So, don’t make the guests run away from the stench. Apply deodorant and cologne.

You can also use scented body lotion so that the smell lasts longer.

8. Apply Ice To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

Pre-wedding ceremonies and parties can be crazy. They usually involve drinking or partying all night long. But this shouldn’t affect your look on the big day, right?

So, if you see redness in your eyes or if they get swollen from too much drinking, apply ice. It will reduce the redness and make you look fresh almost instantly.

9. Clean ‘Down There’

You are ready for the big day, but what about the big night?

It’s important that you clean down there as well. Hygiene is extremely important. That applies not only to your wedding night but every night.

So, keep your intimate parts groomed and clean for the bride.


Remember, wedding photos last for a lifetime. These are the memories you will cherish for the rest of your life.

So, consider grooming before one of the most important days of your life. You don’t want to regret making poor choices when you look back at those pictures.

Show up for the nuptials and tie the knot looking hella fresh and trendy!

Images by Louis Daniel Botha for MMSCENE

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