#Maleart – The Hottest New Grooming Trend Among Male Models

Perfectly manicured nails are no longer just for female models.

Marc Jacobs’ Spring/Summer 2020 show set the mark for the latest beauty trend on the male modeling scene. Jacobs arranged for 130 fake nails to be hand-painted and placed on his models’ fingers, and he even had his own nails perfectly manicured for the occasion. Now #Maleart is trending on social media and a string of well-known men in the modeling world are getting their nails done. But should you be heading to your nearest beauty salon to get your nails done too?

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Who’s rocking #Maleart?

Rapper-come-model A$AP Rocky is one of the latest men to sport some quirky nail art. The Calvin Klein model has been pictured with various designs on his digits, including the U.S. flag, an eyeball, fire, and smiley faces. Gucci model and former One Direction singer, Harry Styles, is also a fan of #Maleart, and famously wore multiple colors on his nails at the Met Gala. American model Anwar Hadid has also been getting in on the #Maleart action by opting for the same neon shades on his nails as his girlfriend, Dua Lipa.

Getting #Maleart right

33% of women own at least 25 nail polishes and regularly paint their own nails. However, in most cases, you need to have practiced for years to do this well. As such, most men are better off letting a professional create their desired look. This is particularly crucial as a male model, as no matter what type of model you are, your hands will always be on show, so they must look good. A professional manicure should be carried out first, as this will involve your nails and cuticles being perfectly prepped. Viva Day Spa advises that men need “cuticle treatment, nail shaping and a natural nail buff” as a minimum. From there, you can indulge in a Shellac nail treatment and add a unique design to join the rest of the male models supporting #Maleart.

Should male models have a #Maleart?

Having a manicure is a form of self-care that most male models have to keep their hands and nails in pristine condition. In 2013, model Cory Bond revealed that he has a quick manicure every one to two weeks. However, back then, manicures were still viewed as a beauty treatment for women, and so most men kept quiet about having them. But as men’s grooming habits have changed considerably since then, and with male models such as James Charles not afraid to be snapped in makeup, gender stereotypes have started to diminish. As a result, manicures and #Maleart are perfectly normal and acceptable for male models.

Perfectly manicured nails are no longer just for female models. Thanks to the likes of Marc Jacobs, Anwar Hadid and A$AP Rocky, male models now have the confidence and support they need to keep their nails looking and feeling great at all times. And it’s not just simple colors that are on-trend, as these famous faces have shown that fun, intricate and beautiful designs can be worn by both genders.

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