You Cannot Stop Hair Loss, But You Can Regain Your Hair

Everything you need to know about the process you will find below

You Cannot Stop Hair Loss, But You Can Regain Your Hair
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In the last few years Istanbul has become a popular destination for medical tourists seeking hair-transplant operations. Hair transplant in Turkey is one of the fastest-growing industries, mainly because it’s done at a low cost. Today, we will review the most popular hair transplant procedure – the FUE hair transplant. Although performed by many clinics, the results of these operations are not always successful. Expert staff and the meticulous of implementation of the technique is required . In recent days, many patients have become victims of bad hair transplants, because with more and more hair transplant centres opening throughout the country, the competition has led clinics to hire under-qualified people to perform operations in order to cut costs. Before opting for this kind of procedure, it is necessary to do a good research and choose the clinic carefully.

You Cannot Stop Hair Loss, But You Can Regain Your Hair
Photo ©Christophe Musiol for MMSCENE

Everything you need to know about the process you will find below:

The most important information before you take hair transplant service

  • Determination of hair transplant method

There are 2 different techniques in the hair transplant process – FUE and FUT. Nowadays, the most used procedure is the FUE method, while the FUT method is less common. FUE is a revolutionary hair transplant technique that doesn’t create visible scarring. Clinics all around the world use the FUE hair transplant method for best results.

  • Correct determination of the direction of hair follicle growth

The procedure relocates hair from areas of growth to areas of hair loss to reverse balding. The hair on the nape is extracted carefully and transferred to the required area. When the grafts are extracted, it is imperative to carefully choose the direction of hair growth. It is important that the hair taken from the nape area is healthy. The hair and hair follicle should not be damaged in any way.

  • Detailed information about hair transplant in Turkey

Hair follicles are carefully extracted. After that, channels are opened on the scalp for hair follicles. Hair follicles are placed in the opened channels. This process is done one by one. The hair is placed in this way during the hair transplantation, which takes 4-5 hours. This part is also the most important part. Therefore, it should be done by a specialist physician.

Why hair to be transplanted taken from the nape area?

The hair in the nape consists of hair follicles that are insensitive to testosterone. That’s why they don’t shed under any circumstances. In hair transplant surgeries, the strong hair on the nape is removed to achieve a permanent result and reverse balding. If there is no hair on the nape or if the donor hair follicles are insufficient, hair follicles can be taken from other parts of the patient’s body.

You Cannot Stop Hair Loss, But You Can Regain Your Hair
Photo ©Christophe Musiol for MMSCENE

What should I do after the hair transplant operation?

  • You have to use care shampoo and hair care products that the physician will prescribe you regularly.
  • You should also be protected from hard collisions and impacts.
  • You shouldn’t take any blow to your head. You should use warm water while taking a shower.
  • You have to be careful during the first 3 months.
  • You can call the clinic when you have questions about the process.

When the procedure is over, the physician will give you all the instructions on paper. After the operation, you can turn back to your work or normal life within only 1 day.

While researching hair transplants for our article our Beauty and Health Editor consulted with experts at the EstePera Hair Clinic in Turkey. Their experts do note that with the latest procedure it’s possible to resume daily life and even go back to work even after only one day after the operation. The clinic is known for innovative procedures as well as affordable prices.

Images by Christoph Musiol for MMSCENE

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