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MMSCENE PORTRAITS: Anton Herasymov by Sergey Vasiliev

The handsome Anton Herasymov poses for the latest MMSCENE PORTRAITS session by Sergey Vasiliev

Anton Herasymov

Fashion photographer Sergey Vasiliev captured the latest MMSCENE PORTRAITS exclusive session featuring the handsome Anton Herasymov. In charge of styling was Kate Makhno, assisted by Daria Baesdorf, with hair styling and makeup from beauty artist Elizabeth Vailo.


For the story Anton is wearing selected pieces from Topshop, Versace, Frolov, Jiwinaya, Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, and Jean Gritsfeldt.

Discover more of the session below:

Anton Herasymov

Coat, pants, necklace: Vintage
Top: Topshop

Anton Herasymov

Top: Vintage
Glasses: Versace
Pants: Frolov

Anton Herasymov

Top: Topshop

Anton Herasymov

Jacket: Topshop
Pants: Frolov
Necklace: Jiwinaya

Anton Herasymov

Blazer: Frolov
Necklace: Vintage

Anton Herasymov

Gloves, Pants: Frolov
Top: Topshop

Anton Herasymov

Shirt: Saint Laurent
Shorts: Calvin Klein
Swordbelt: Frolov

Anton Herasymov

Top: Jean Gritsfeldt

Photographer: Sergey Vasiliev – @sergeyvasiliev1
Stylist: Kate Makhno
Hair and Makeup Artist: Elizabeth Vailo
Model: Anton Herasymov
Style Assistant: Daria Baesdorf

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