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Looking Briefly Into the History of Some Super Famous Fashion Brands for Men

We have covered some of the finest men’s designing companies who shaped the fashion industry as we know.

Fashion Brands for Men
Don’t be fooled that the current fashion world caters to women only. Some fashion designers have become legendary in their fashion statements for men over the years. Today, in fashion shows, male models will traverse the walkways showing the latest eye-popping men’s accessories and fashions.

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Ralph Lauren

Who has not heard of Ralph Lauren? Ralph Lauren is one of the most famous designing companies in the history of men’s fashions. The company is synonymous with high-quality men’s fashions.  The company became a publicly traded company in 1997 and sells a wide range of men’s apparels and accessories.

Ralph Lauren’s company is considered a B of 500 company which is in an index that definitely influences the 4 trillion dollar fashion industry. The company is a trendsetter that sets the guidelines for men’s fashion in the industry. Ralph Lauren is on the cutting edge of the men’s fashion world.

Ralph Lauren over a 50 year career has built a sleek 7 billion a year dollar apparel/fashion empire from scratch. His company is known for “preppy” American men’s fashion-The famous polo shirts- and he has influenced the men’s’ fashion world beyond just the emotions and aspirations of consumers but the company has influenced whole immersive fashion worlds. Literally, the company has set trends in motion in the men’s fashion world they have created trends. If Ralph Lauren designed it is a trend.

Ralph Lauren, originally known as Ralph Lifshitz grew up in the Bronx and he attended Baruch College. College students remember Ralph Lauren as an entrepreneur as he sold ties during the breaks between classes. He went to work for a tie manufacturer in 1967, Beau Brummell. The company allowed him to split off and sell his own fashion line. He sold ties made of high-end fabrics that went against the trends of the day. Ralph Lauren was a trendsetter from early on. Some Famous Ralph Lauren Polo men’s wear for summer 2019:

• Classic Fit Mesh Polo Shirt -$125.00
• Denim Trucker Jacket -$168.00
• Custom Slim Fit Mesh Polo -$98.00 and this sleek model comes in 6 different colors.
• Relaxed Fit Pleated Short -$89.50
• Ralph’s Marina Jacket -$398.00
• Custom Slim Fit Graphic Tee -$49.50

These are some of the cutting edge men’s polo shirts that have set Ralph Lauren apart from the rest of the fashion world year after year.


Burberry is a global trendsetting men’s fashion company that has a distinctive English tint to its clothes collections. They make men’s coats, polkas, pants shirts, and that are on the high end fashion-wise and price wise. There men’s fashions range from $700-$2,000 dollars and beyond. The company caters to the luxury crowd as their clothes are manufactured for the high-cultured man.

Their clothes would be worn to stately occasions like maybe a dinner at the White House or other high-profile events. Even their men’s trench coat shines high end as the price for one is $1690.00 dollars.

Fashion Brands for Men

Gucci, one of the most stylish fashion companies in the world came from very modest beginnings. The company started as a leather shop in Italy around 1921. Originally, leather goods make the young, thriving leather shop catered specifically to the horseback crowd. They made saddles, bridals and horseback leather accessories. They have involved into one of the finest Italian men’s fashion companies in the world over.

You cannot stroll into any men’s fashion store/department without seeing the iconic name “Gucci” somewhere in the fashion line. Gucci has changed the way men dress for almost 100 years. Here are some top-end Gucci men’s active wear:

• Oversized Printed Jersey Jacket-$2300
• Loose printed Jogging Pants-$1500

The above jogging suit can be bought as a complete set for $3800

• Oversize Nylon Jacket-$1500
• Loose Nylon Waterproof Jogging Pants-$1200

This jogging can be bought as a complete set for $2700

• Sweatshirt with interlocking “G” print and we all know what the “G” stands for.-$1400
• Matching Shorts with the interlocking “G” logo on the side $1100 Total cost for the set $2500

Hugo Boss

Hugo Ferdinand Boss conceptualized the company in 1924 in the heartland of Germany. He started in a modest workshop but the business grew steadily become one of the most dominant men’s clothing design company in the world. Hugo boss passed away in 1948 at the age of 63. His cause of death was tooth abscess. Honestly, the company had a dark history during the Nazi occupation in Germany. They employed 140 workers by force and they made the uniforms for the Nazi army. The men’s wear offered by the company has become affectionately known as “Boss Wear”:

• Slim Fit Suit made with virgin wool with natural stretch comes in 3 trending colors-$795.00
• Constructed regular-fit patterned in virgin wool comes in open blue-$626.00
• Stretch Tailoring Virgin Wool Suit- $795.00
• Relaxed-fit pants in stretch cotton with rip tape-$138.00
• Regular-fit jeans in black comfort stretch-$135.00
• Regular-fit jeans in dark-blue comfort-stretch denim-$135.00

You have a wide price range to choose from the above “boss men’s clothing products. Hugo Boss may have cone through some hard times in its early history but they have now become one of the most trend-setting men’s clothing designers in the 21st century.

Fashion Brands for Men

Prada! Prada! How many times have we heard this iconic phrase bellow through the fashion world? This company is truly an iconic name in men’s wear as we all know. The “House of Prada” has been on the cutting edge of men’s fashion for so long it is taken for cue that they will always be on the top for years to come. They maintain their sleek style but they always stay ahead of the rest with its innovative fashions. Here are some of its top brands:

Timepieces have been a necessary piece of fashion for centuries. Pocket watches, in particular, were created in the 16th century and were a sign of luxury. By the 1800’s they became common and the crowd began to wear them. By the first half of the 20th century the wrist watch became vogue and the pocket watch lost its popularity.

Prada manufactures a sweet line of pocket watches because pocket watches will always be a “thing” in men’s fashions. There are two types of pocket watches the open face line where the face crystal is exposed. Then there is the hunter’s cover pocket watch which is a spring loaded cover that opens up to reveal the crystal face.

Did you want to be fashion savvy then you need to wear the pocket watch properly. One way is to wear the watch casually by attaching the watch to the belt and hanging down into the front pocket. 1950’s icon James Dean preferred to wear his pocket watch in this fashion.

The other “professional” way is to attach the chain of the watch known as the “Albert” chain to the vest of the watch and kept in the breast of the pocket. A variation of this is a double “Albert” chain which has a chain for the watch and the other chain holds keys in the other pocket. Here are some models:

• Akribos XXIV –Men’s Mechanical Skeleton Silver tone Pocket Watch-$350.00
• It also comes in Men’s Mechanical Skeleton Goldtone Pocket Watch -$350.00
• Invicta -Men’s Pocket Watch Silver Tone Stainless Steel Chain and Belt Loop White Dial-$165.00
• Tissot-Men’s T-Pocket White Dial -$212.98
• Tissot-Men’s T-Pocket Savonnette Gold-tone Brass Chain White Dial-$650.00

Levi Strauss and Company

The company created its first pair of trademark men’s jeans in the 1890’s after Levi Strauss had moved to San Francisco during the Gold rush. The company has been on the front edge of men’s jeans for decades. Its pants are modestly priced and their logo can be seen worn on men’s jeans all over the world. Here are some of their classic jeans:

• 505 Regular Fit Jeans-$39.50-$59.50
• 501 Original Fit Jeans-$39.99-$69.50
• 501 Original to-Fit-Shrink Jeans-$39.99-$48.99

We have covered some of the finest men’s designing companies that have ever existed. The companies started from humble beginnings but they have evolved into iconic brand names that are known to the world. Sift through the companies and scope out there cutting-edge products. We have listed jeans, watches, active wear, and trench coats. A little slice of every contemporary piece of fashion you can admire.

Images by Guillaume Malheiro for MMSCENE

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