Top 10 Men’s Fashion Trends for a Bachelor Party

The heat stays turned on with men’s fashion trends gaining ground

Men’s fashion trends took a leap in recent times, and it stays sustained. Hence, bachelor parties wouldn’t be boring anymore, in terms of bachelor outfits. Men learned how to blend colors, materials, and accessories to suit the occasion.

From linen suit to casual Tees, and even the 90s nostalgic, there are lots of trending outfits for guys. Like the best bachelor party ideas, attires must be perfect and align with the theme. So, if you’re thinking of what to wear to a bachelor party, get your ensemble here.

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Leather tote clutch bag is a men’s fashion 2019 rave. It looks awkward shoving in all the phones, organizers, complimentary cards and all into trouser pockets. The pockets swell up and the men cry a bulge around which isn’t suave.

The leather clutch bag comes to the rescue as it helps keep all items safe. Again, they are so fashionable that they go with anything. Casuals, suits, corporate, anything. One can also rock it to a sophisticated bachelor party, or a weekend trip with the guys.


Hues of beige are top of the men’s clothing trends this year. Rock full ensembles of different shades of beige to create a smashing contrast. These colors are not boring, rather they give gents the edge to stand out.

Tones of beige are stylish and sleek, ideal for evening bachelor parties in casuals. Throw on a beige shade suit and it becomes formal for a sophisticated dinner. Don’t miss out on this for your bachelor party get up.


Linen is the perfect bachelor party clothes for summer. And when it’s made into a suit, the more stunning. This is a gentleman’s wear that suits the heat, as it’s comfortable and breathes.

Linen suits are also light, sleek and very stylish. It keeps them men looking put together and polished, even in the hot sun. Depending on how one wears it, they are ideal as casuals with jeans. With smart trousers, they can be semi-formal or formal outfits.


Put a perfect finish to the bachelor style by rocking woven leather loafers. First off, they are more comfortable than the traditional loafers. And second, they are much more attractive and draw attention to the feet.
Woven leather loafers compliment any wear at all. Wear them on a pair of jeans and look sleek, while on smart trousers, you look suave. And in both cases, a perfect gentleman.


While we recommend shades of beige outfits, pastels are evergreens. They never go out of fashion. In their wispy shades, they lay a touch of softness on the strong man, while leaving him stylish.

Pastels give a laid back, yet springy look. This makes it ideal for everything and a bachelor party on the farm. In their shades of pink and powder blue, they take on a sophisticated form, suitable for formals.


Stripes with presence are some of the latest fashion trends for men. Away from the classic style which is thinner, bland, and downright boring. These ones are in a league. They’re bright, bold, and thicker.

Rocking the stripes collection depends on how bold or simple one is. Step into the bachelor party with a striped outfit from head to toes, for the bold ones. Stay minimal, yet stylish by pairing striped shirts with plain pants for casual. Throw on a striped suit to make it more formal.


These sleek pair of sunglasses complete the bachelor style. And gents aren’t letting it go anytime soon. It’s more fashionable than functional. So we’d advise you to have an actual pair of sunglasses if you need shades from the sun.

To buy these slim and flat beauties, get your face and eye shapes first. They could be rectangular, oval or cat shaped. Pair them with your outfit and turn heads.


Men’s fashion 2019 sees the return of fashion from the 90s. We see the wallet chains, windbreakers, bum-bags, and overall clothes. These fashion statements are here again and reformed. They got a modern touch to them and their usage isn’t like they did before.

For instance, there are fashionable windbreakers one can wear even without a cold. And you wear bum-bags over the body, not the waist as before. If the party is at the clubhouse or a 90s theme bachelor party, the oldies will stand you out.


The Cowboys have got nothing on you straw boater hat. A perfect combination of casual, playful, and sophisticated. They are very great to wear suit or T-shirts and jeans.

Their straight brims and flat crown design make it possible to shade the eyes from the sun. So you’re sure your eyes stay protected, even when you have to attend a bachelor’s party.


This men’s clothing trends is one that every youth is familiar with. Rock it by throwing a short-sleeved shirt in stripes, floral or abstract pattern, over plain T-shirts. The T-shirts could be white, black or grey. Leave the buttons of the Sleeved shirt undone to show off the T-shirt. Pair with woven loafers, jean or smart trousers.

The heat stays turned on with men’s fashion trends gaining ground. A standout at the party by rocking the right ensemble.

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