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Ashby Gentry Poses for DSCENE Magazine May 2024 Cover Story

Photographer Eden Mili and actor Ashby Gentry team up for DSCENE Magazine

Ashby Gentry

Actor Ashby Gentry, celebrated for his role as Alex Walter in the hit series “My Life with the Walter Boys,” stars in the May 2024 digital cover story of DSCENE Magazine captured by New York-based photographer Eden Mili.


In a detailed conversation with Editor Katarina Doric, Gentry talks about his experience transitioning from playing a character in a beloved narrative to becoming an influential presence in the film industry. With a new role in the indie film “Mooch” on the horizon, Gentry continues to deepen his exploration of acting, drawing from a rich reservoir of personal experiences and artistic inspirations. This interview offers an intimate look into the making of “My Life with the Walter Boys,” Gentry’s methodical approach to his craft, his observations on the evolving landscape of the industry, and the personal goals that steer him in the dynamic world of storytelling and cinematic expression.

Ashby Gentry

My Life with the Walter Boys,” a series that has captivated a global audience, presented Gentry with the opportunity to portray Alex Walter, a character he was drawn to for his heartfelt qualities. Gentry’s method involves a holistic exploration of his characters, treating them as subjects to investigate rather than figures to create. This approach, along with Gentry’s willingness to adapt his habits to better understand Alex, highlights his dedication to his roles.

Despite being initially unfamiliar with the novel by Ali Novak from which the series is adapted, Gentry did not feel confined to a faithful portrayal of the character as described in the book. Instead, he sought to capture the essence of Alex while bringing his unique interpretation to the screen, an endeavor that became even more nuanced as he prepared for the series’ second season.

Ashby Gentry

The on-screen dynamics between the Walter brothers, particularly with Noah LaLonde’s character, Cole, were enriched by off-screen bonding. Similarly, Gentry and Nikki Rodriguez, who plays Jackie, used their real-life camaraderie to deepen the evolving on-screen relationship between their characters.

Filming in picturesque Colorado, Gentry recounts memorable moments and the surreal beauty of the locations, expressing gratitude for the experiences the project brought him. The series’ success and the fan response have significantly impacted Gentry, both personally and professionally, marking a rapid rise in recognition and presenting new opportunities to support smaller projects.


Gentry cites Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson as major influences on his acting and career trajectory, admiring Dafoe’s transformative abilities and Pattinson’s successful navigation of his career post-“Twilight.” Looking ahead, Gentry is excited about his role in “Mooch” and remains committed to appreciating the present, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself in the face of external pressures.

Ashby Gentry’s interview with DSCENE Magazine offers a rich insight into his thoughtful approach to acting, his reflections on fame and the industry, and his aspirations for the future, revealing a multifaceted artist dedicated to his craft and personal growth  – Read Gentry’s interview here.


Photographer Eden Mili, a New York-based creative specializing in portrait photography – @edenmili
Talent Ashby Gentry@ashbygentry
Interview Katarina Doric@katarina.djoric


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