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Gyllenhaal Sets Sail: Prada Luna Rossa Campaign

Actor Explores the Depths of Sailing in Prada’s Latest Fragrance Journey

Courtesy of Prada

Jake Gyllenhaal sets sail into uncharted waters with Prada’s Luna Rossa fragrance campaign, embarking on a exciting journey captured in a three-part documentary titled “Beyond the Line,” helmed by directors Nicolas Davenel and Vanessa Dumont. This cinematic exploration coincides with the launch of Prada’s latest olfactory creation, Luna Rossa Ocean Le Parfum. As the face of Prada’s fragrance line, Gyllenhaal delves into the heart of the Luna Rossa sailing team, learning from experts and bonding with Captain Max Sirena.


Venturing beyond his comfort zone, Gyllenhaal embraces the challenge of navigating the Luna Rossa, a vessel at the forefront of sailing’s technological evolution. Despite his familiarity with sailing from his upbringing, Gyllenhaal is humbled by the magnitude of responsibility entrusted to him during filming. His experience reflects a deep respect for the athletes pushing the boundaries of human capability and the symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature.


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In moments brimming with adrenaline, Gyllenhaal finds solace in the tranquility of nature, particularly in the playful presence of dolphins alongside the boat. The collaboration with Prada not only underscores Gyllenhaal’s commitment to embracing challenges and seeking creative endeavors but also mirrors Prada’s dedication to innovation and reinvention.

Three years ago, Jake Gyllenhaal became the face of Prada Luna Rossa. He led the launch of Prada Luna Rossa Ocean, the brand’s first fragrance release under license with L’Oréal. This scent drew inspiration from Luna Rossa, an Italian sailing team driven by Prada Group CEO Patrizio Bertelli’s passion for the sport.

Courtesy of Prada
Courtesy of Prada

As Prada continues to expand its presence in the fragrance industry, the launch of Luna Rossa Ocean marks a significant milestone in the brand’s trajectory. With a focus on authenticity and adventure, Prada’s fragrance campaign encapsulates the spirit of exploration synonymous with the Luna Rossa experience.

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