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Mario Loncarski, Jama Wieland, Benedikt Angerer & Jerome Adamolli for Schaufenster Die Presse

Mario Loncarski

Magazine: Schaufenster Die Presse
Issue: #33
Editorial: Nachte Männer
Cover Models: Jama Wieland, Mario Loncarski |both at Wiener Models|
Hair & Makeup: Sophie Chudzikowski
Models: Benedikt Angerer, Jerome Adamolli |both at Wiener Models|
Styling & Production Assistant: Nina Petersen
Producer & Styling: Barbara Zach
Photographer: Andreas H. Bitesnich
Mario Loncarski, Jama Wieland, Benedikt Angerer and Jerome Adamolli photographed for the striking cover story of Schaufenster Die Presse by Andreas H. Bitesnich.

Mario Loncarski

Jerome Adamolli

Mario Loncarski

Jama Wieland

Benedikt Angerer

*Source | Wiener Models

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