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MICHELE BRAVI Covers MMSCENE November 2022 Digital Issue

Discover MMSCENE Magazine’s latest cover story + read the exclusive interview with musician Michele Bravi

Michele Bravi
Total Look Moschino

Musician Michele Bravi takes the cover story of MMSCENE Magazine‘s November 2022 digital edition lensed by fashion photographer Isabella Sanfilippo. In charge of styling was Anna Pastore, assisted by Sara Dozio, with hair styling and makeup from beauty artist Daniela Decillo using Surratt Beauty.

Our editor Maja Vuckovic sits down with Michele to talk about music, fashion, films and much more. Discover more of the story + read the interview with Michele Bravi below:

Michele Bravi
Total Look Yohji Yamamoto

Hello Michele, nice to have you at MMSCENE! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello everyone! It’s such a pleasure for me to be here. I’m an Italian artist. I started as a musician and I had the opportunity to perform in the biggest music festival in Italy, Sanremo Festival. I’m an actor as well and I presented my first movie at the Venice Film Festival and at the Toronto film festival.

Did you always know you’re going to be a musician?

I knew I would express myself in an artistic form. I have been writing and singing for as long as I can remember. I dreamed so badly that my passion could actually become my profession.

Many years passed from your X Factor winning performance, still, we would love to know how was your experience participating in the show?

It was amazing. I was pretty young and I lived everything as a sponge, trying to learn by everyone how to lose the modesty to express myself with no fear and shame.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when mentioning music?

I would say the word “unavoidable” and “necessary”. It’s the strongest way to tell myself how I see the world.

Michele Bravi
Total look Zegna
Jewels Pianegonda
Michele Bravi
Total Look MM6 Maison Margiela
Jewels Pianegonda
Shoes Louboutin

Where does your inspiration come from? Are you someone who needs to focus in order to write, or does it come naturally?

The most inspiring thing to me is the real life, people living their lives. Someone hides, someone screams, someone just talks normally. Watching how different and similar our lives are is the best way to write music.

How important is having a role model in the industry?

I actually can’t answer this. I guess this is not about just the industry, it’s more about a bigger sense of community. I do believe in respect and kindness and I need to respect this values even in my industry.

What is the part you most enjoy in the music business?

Meeting the stories of my audience through my music. Feeling that just one song can be enough to declare a group of people a real community of human beings connected to each other.

Tracksuit The Bureau Studio
Coat Grifoni
Shirt The Bureau Studio

Recently you started acting in an Italian movie called Amanda. How is the acting experience different from performing?

It’s always an empathy experience. I have to understand a person that is not me, his way of speaking, his story. And he has to live through my body.

How do you prepare for a role? Do you have some kind of ritual?

I study a lot watching people similar to the character. Trying to be inspired from something so different from what I am and from how I move.

Total Look Yohji Yamamoto
Total Look Moschino

Scrolling through your Instagram, we can see you pay attention to your fashion choices. What is something you love to wear on a daily basis?

I would say rings. It’s a way to say I’m interested in details. It’s like a metaphor trough fashion.

Is fashion something you’re passionate about?

Completely. Fashion is art. Art you can wear to give to your imagination a three-dimensionality.

What is next for Michele Bravi? Any future plans?

I’m writing my new record and I just finished shooting a new movie. I hope my future will be made of art.

Total Look Roberto Cavalli
Jewels Pianegonda
Total Look Yohji Yamamoto

Photographer Isabella Sanfilippo – @isabella.sanfilippo
Stylist Anna Pastore – @annapastore
Beauty Artist Daniela Decillo using Surratt Beauty – @daniela.decillo
Fashion Assistant Sara Dozio – @sara_dozio
Talent Michele Bravi – @michelebravi

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