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Outer Limits: RAIN Magazine Winter 2019 / Spring 2020 Issue

Jaeden Martell, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Krow Kian, Huug Noordermeer and artist Julie Mehretu Cover Rain Magazine

RAIN Magazine
Jaeden Martell in Dior
?Photography by Harry Eelman?
Styling by Anna Su
Grooming by Sarah Huggins
Interview by Alice Pfeiffer
Courtesy of © RAIN Magazine

Rain Magazine enlists actors Jaeden Martell, Patrick Schwarzenegger, models Krow Kian, Huug Noordermeer (Lanvin cover), and contemporary artist Julie Mehretu to pose for the covers of their seventh, Winter 2019 / Spring 2020 Outer Limits edition.

The Winter 2019 / Spring 2020 edition of Rain Magazine also features stories with designers Matthew Williams of 1017 ALYX 9SM, Sander Lak of Sies Marjan, musician and actor Madison Velding-VanDam of The Wants, and Lanvin, Basquiat x Warhol specials.

RAIN Magazine
Patrick Schwarzenegger in Alexander McQueen
?Photography by Doug Inglish ?
Styling by John Tan
Grooming by Jamie Taylor
Interview by Sean Weiland
Courtesy of © RAIN Magazine

Everything is happenin’ so fast… We live in a vast sea of contradicitons, the media controls the narrative, the internet is omnipotent. There are no more truths, just interpretations. Why respect any false logic other than the truth?

Honesty persists because it must, without honesty there is no such thing as depth. There exists an inherent drive to attain a deeper answer but also a frustration of not being able to pay attention long enough to start down that road.

See more form Rain Magazine‘s latest issue bellow:

RAIN Magazine
Krow in Maison Margiela
??Photographed by Greg Lin Jiajie
Styled by Jack Collins
Production by Andre
?Hair by Waka Adachi
Makeup by Phebe Wu??
?Movement by Anders Hayward
Interview by Milovan Farronato??
Courtesy of © RAIN Magazine
RAIN Magazine
Huug Noordermeer at Premier Models stars in a Lanvin cover and special. ?
?Photography by Toyin Ibidapo
Styling by Davey Sutton
Art direction by Foxall Studio
Hair by Yusuke Morioka
Makeup by Bobana Parojcic
Stylist assistant: Steven Huang?
Hair assistant: Mirai Uejo
Courtesy of © RAIN Magazine
RAIN Magazine
Julie Mehretu in Noir Kei Ninomiya
Photography by David Mollé
Styling by John Tan
Hair by Kyo Sudo
Makeup by Juan Jaar
Special thanks to Artifact New York
Courtesy of © RAIN Magazine
RAIN Magazine
Courtesy of © RAIN Magazine

Editor: Mark Benjamin
Creative Director: Michaela Nilsson
Photo Editor/Producer: Jae Foo
Fashion Editor: John Tan
Editor-at-large: Sean Weiland
Sub Editor: Sam Thackray

Courtesy of © RAIN Magazine / Available for purchase now on

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