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MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Palm Royale Star Ben Palacios

Ben shares insights into his creative process, his experiences working alongside stars in “Palm Royale,” and his thoughts on the evolution of his career and personal style.

Interview with Ben Palacios
Interview with Ben Palacios

Ben Palacios is a multifaceted talent in the entertainment industry, known for his presence both on stage and on screen. A storyteller at heart, Ben’s journey into acting and music was driven by his early passion for performance and an innate desire to connect with audiences on an emotional level. From his early days of improvising on classical piano pieces to his explorations in musical theater during high school, Ben’s artistic path has been characterized by a relentless pursuit of creativity and self-expression. Today, Ben is celebrated for both his acting skills and his musical prowess. His recent work spans a range of roles, from film and television to theater, where each character offers a new opportunity for growth and exploration.


In this exclusive MMSCENE interview with editor Pavle Banovic, Ben shares insights into his creative process, his experiences working alongside stars in the acclaimed TV series “Palm Royale,” and his thoughts on the evolution of his career and personal style. For this session, Ben is photographed by Kevin Roldan.

Interview with Ben Palacios
photography Ⓒ Kevin Roldan for MMSCENE
photography Ⓒ Kevin Roldan for MMSCENE

Can you share some insights into your early life and background?
I was highly creative and tragically unsporty. My parents stopped taking me to soccer practice because I just sat in the field and braided grass. I loved disappearing into art projects and building with K’Nex or Legos. Teachers would say, “Benjamin marches to the beat of his own drum.” My childhood was immersed in music; my father played guitar and sang the Beatles, James Taylor, and Jim Croce; my grandmother was a piano teacher; and I studied voice, piano, and percussion. I loved to create.

You are both an actor and a musician. How did these two creative outlets come to be? Was this always a career path you imagined for yourself?
As a child I loved performing — and I certainly loved attention! But for me, it all boils down to storytelling and emotion. I was always drawn to music as a form of storytelling. I was fascinated by melody and chords, and their power to influence emotion. I used to practice my classical piano pieces and slowly start improvising, weaving in my own melodies, at which point my mother would yell from the other room, “Play what’s on the page!” It wasn’t until high school that I discovered musical theater — and got to experience firsthand how the marriage of acting, music, dance, and design could create a story far more compelling than the sum of its parts. It was all so exciting to me. Plus, theatre kids are so fun and weird. I’d finally found a place where I could be myself. I guess I never looked back!

photography Ⓒ Kevin Roldan for MMSCENE
photography Ⓒ Kevin Roldan for MMSCENE

You also worked as a producer on a few projects. How was that experience for you?
I much prefer being an actor. Being a producer is hard! Producers have to interact with the business of entertainment in a much more comprehensive way than actors. As an actor, once you’re wrapped, you’re wrapped. But a producer’s job never ends. After months or years of assembling and leading teams, fundraising, planning and production… You have to oversee post-production and completion of the project… you have to secure distribution… and then you have to convince people it’s worth watching! The responsibilities are endless. I have such immense respect for producers, but I do not envy them. I think I’ll stick to acting.

Which acting role you have had so far would you highlight as meaningful or transformative?
Every role is meaningful and transformative for me. I grow as an actor every time I’m in rehearsals, on stage, on set… or even just auditioning. While filming “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile” (LYLE – motion capture) I learned that you could say a thousand words with just your eyes. While acting in “Sex With Strangers” at the Human Race Theater Company, I learned the power of passion and vulnerability. While filming “Palm Royale” I learned to embrace my instincts for comedy and physicality.
Every time I book an acting job, I wonder if I’m capable of carrying it out. I see the role in isolation and it feels unapproachable. I fear I won’t do justice to the character, or the script, or the other actors and director. Everyone will know I’m an imposter! For me, the process of acting is the process of rediscovering each time that I can, in fact, carry it out. And that I’m not alone. We’re all imposters, figuring it out… together.

photography Ⓒ Kevin Roldan for MMSCENE
photography Ⓒ Kevin Roldan for MMSCENE

You star in the ‘Palm Royale’ TV series, which started streaming recently. Could you tell us more about this experience and your character?
“Palm Royale” follows Maxine (Kristen Wiig) on her quest to infiltrate the elite society of 1969 Palm Beach. The characters are outrageous, dripping with style, ruthless for social status, and full of secrets. I play the Prince of Luxembourg — closeted love interest to the club’s bartender, Robert (Ricky Martin).
Three years ago, if you told me I’d be acting with Kristen Wiig, Ricky Martin, Allison Janney, Laura Dern, and Carol Burnett… I would have called you insane. I feel so lucky to be included in this all-star cast. Showrunner Abe Sylvia is a visionary and leader in the purest of forms. The entire team has been a delight to work with.

What is the most important acting advice you have received so far?
When I graduated college, I asked for advice from a working actress at an alumni event. She said, “If there’s anything else you can imagine yourself doing besides acting… anything at all… do that instead.” At the time I was in awe of her implied struggle and sacrifice. This is a brutal industry and it’s terribly oversaturated: Too many actors; and not enough roles to go around. So I understand the desire to warn against pursuing such a brutal career. But I believe it’s bad advice. I don’t think you have to choose between acting or not acting. I’ve had times when I have acting jobs, times when I have non-acting jobs, and times when I have both. The times when I have both have been my favorite, and they’ve only bolstered my sense of self and humanity.
My favorite advice on the pursuit of an acting career is so simple: “Do something every day that says ‘I’m an actor'”. Keep practicing. Keep exploring. Keep growing. That’s it. (And have a flexible side hustle!)

photography Ⓒ Kevin Roldan for MMSCENE
photography Ⓒ Kevin Roldan for MMSCENE

How would you describe your personal style?
I’ve been through many style phases… preppy… utilitarian… hipster… rugged… Recently I bought a pink and gold sequin cloak. So I guess my current style is “1996 Robin Williams in The Birdcage”?

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I love bringing friends together for a good time. Creating space for people to connect, vibe, and have fun — that’s my favorite. Throw in some dancing and I’m a happy clam!

photography Ⓒ Kevin Roldan for MMSCENE
photography Ⓒ Kevin Roldan for MMSCENE

What’s next for you? Are there any exciting upcoming projects?
I just shot a guest star on Mindy Kaling’s new Untitled Basketball Project for Netflix, and I’m hearing rumors of “Palm Royale” season two. Fingers crossed. Perhaps the Prince of Luxembourg will return!

photography Ⓒ Kevin Roldan for MMSCENE
Photography Kevin Roldan @kevinroldan
Ben Palacios @benpalacios_

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