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WEEK ON IG: Piero Mendez, Nick Bateman, Oliver Cheshire…

Catching up with everybody’s favourite models and influencers Ton Heukels, Toni Mahfud, Christian Hogue, Manu Rios, Piero Mendez, Edison Fan, Augusta Alexander, Oliver Cheshire, Bruno Endler, and David Laid.

Scroll down for all the action in the past 7 days on Instagram:

piero mendez

“Sunday Coffee?” @piero_mendez
Edison Fan

“@jordan_arrr saw it this morning, right after we talk about sexy calfs last night “ @edisonfanye
Augusta Alexander
“Trying to catch a tan in the city be like lol. I need to go somewhere warm!!!?” @augusta_alexander
oliver cheshire
“After some of that fake realness before Paris on Monday. ? Happy Saturday peeps ??” @oliver_cheshire
bruno endler
“What a vibe Hong Kong ?? ?” @brunoendler1
manu rios
“days without you” @manurios
ton heukels
“Sometimes i spend the day on deserted beaches with my shirt unbuttoned hoping to meet a photographer @conrad_maldives #conradmaldives” @therealtonheukels
toni mahfud
“Be uncommon, be a stranger, be different, be free, be creative, be adventurous, be daring, be bold, be fearless, be sad, be ambitious, be hungry, be driven, and be you. It does not matter what other people have to say, you know what you want to do, so be true to yourself and take action. People WILL talk whenever you do good or bad but it’s your life not theirs. You will never be able to make it right for everyone. ?
#tonimahfud #inspiration #life”

nick bateman
“?” @nick__bateman/
david laid
“Last workout before Jet Lag absolutely demolishes me after my ? home #Melbourne ” @davidlaid
“Sunday’s call for endless pancakes?” @official_hogue

Mark Meinen

The Edge Of Glory: Mark Meinen for MMSCENE Magazine #21 Issue

Neil Barrett

Rachide Embalo & Asmir Besic Model Neil Barrett SS18 Collection