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EXCLUSIVE Q&A With Patrik Podkonicky from M MANAGEMENT

Patrik Podkonicky

Meet the promising Patrik Podkonicky signed with M MANAGEMENT in Slovakia who answered our MMSCENE Q&A. The beautifully captured session accompanying Patrik’s interview is work of photographer Adam Hazucha.

Who is Patrik Podkonicky?
My name is Patrik. I am from Banská Bystrica – Slovakia. Currently I study at University – Applied Informatics. I have played football since i was seven and now I am doing also modeling.

How were you discovered?
I was trying to find dorm in our capital city Bratislava, when some guy ( scout) asked me if i wanna become a model.I was surprised and  didn´t believe that somebody can ask me questions like this, but after few weeks I sent my pictures to the Mmanagement ( my mother agency right now).

Patrik Podkonicky PatrikPodkonicky
Definitely my biggest passion is football and my girlfriend. To be honest I love Math. 😀

Ten years from now (you will be…)?
According to my field of study, i am  going to be guy sitting in front of computer, eating fast food and drinking coca cola but that´s not my dream. My dream is to have big happy family with my girlfirend and of course to become worldknown supermodel, working for the best brands in the industry.

PatrikPodkonicky PatrikPodkonicky

Favorite word?:
Family –
Most important word in the entire world. Family means everything to me.

What’s no fun?
When some of my classmate tries to make a joke, they are all nerds 😀
and no fun is when anybody from my family or friends get sick.

Who’s your favorite Supermodel?
David Gandy.

Current ‘eye candy’?
My girlfriend . 😛

Favorite movie?
The Theory of Everything.

Your Dream modeling Job?
What’s your beauty secret or essential grooming routine?
😀 I do not have anything like that. Maybe gym 😛

A quote that sums you up:
Behind every beautiful thing there is some kind of pain. (Bob Dylan).

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