Best Daily Exercises to Get You That Lean Belly

There are lots of different exercises you can do to help create a lean body, while also building muscle, endurance, flexibility and general fitness. You can do these on a daily basis, but in some cases it may be more beneficial to develop a core stable of workouts and exercise moves and then mix them up a little to avoid getting bored.

So which are the best exercises you can do on a daily basis to help you create that lean body which is your goal? Here we look at those we think fit this description perfectly.

There are of course many online programs that promise that they’ll get you a lean body if you commit to what they tell you, one which springs to mind is the Dr. Heinrick one “Lead Belly Breakthough”

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Lean body exercise #1 – Push-ups

This is a great exercise to work your abs, triceps, pecs, biceps and deltoids, and it can be adapted from the traditional floor position (outlined below), and done against a wall. For traditional push-ups lay on your front with your hands supporting your weight – positioned just wider than your shoulders, and palms flat against the floor. When you are ready flex your elbows to help you lower your body towards the ground, keep your legs straight and stop just before you touch the floor –using your hands to push back up and repeat. Start with 3- rest – 3, then slowly increase until you can manage 10 – rest -10.

Lean body exercise #2 – Elbow floor plank

This challenging exercise is all about working your biceps, abs and shoulders, and you begin in the same position as the traditional push-up, but with your forearms on the mat and legs extended behind you. The idea is to raise your body up, balancing on your elbows and forearms at the top end, and the balls of your feet at the other – holding the position for between half to one full minute. The aim is to do, rest and repeat several times.

Lean body exercise #3 – Jumping rope

This works every muscle in your body, creating a lean look and burning fat, and as you only need a jump rope you can do this anywhere there is enough space around you for the rope to move freely. Take one end of the rope in each hand with the actual rope behind you and stand straight, with your legs together. As you swing the rope over your head time it so you can jump it cleanly, and repeat. Aim to do 45-50 jumps a day, eventually building up to three sets of 50 in a day.

Lean body exercise #4 – Jumping squats

This exercise is focused on working the muscles in your lower back right down to your calves. Start by standing straight, positioning your feet to be in line with your shoulders, then slowly bend your knees and lower yourself as if you were about to sit on a chair. You must keep your hips back so your knees are not going past your toes. If you feel you may topple reach your hands out and clasp the opposite wrists to get balanced. Once ready, unclasp your hands and use your arms to push up from the squat into a light jump, then repeat up to 15 times, aiming for 2 sets max.

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