Where Living Well and Looking Good Line Up

Here are two examples of how taking care of your physical health will ensure that you look and feel great.

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When it comes to culturally accepted beauty standards, health is too often compromised to achieve beauty. Both men and women push their bodies to the limit to be slimmer, stronger, and shaped more like their ideal. However, there are a number of cases where looking good and living well are one and the same. Here are just two of many instances in which taking care of your physical health will ensure that you are both looking and feeling great.

Healthy Feet

Foot issues like bunions are a common problem. Bunions result in inflammation around the big toe joint. They cause a visible bulging and deformity of the foot as well as pain and impaired functionality. Bunions can even cause toes to point inward.

There are a number of causes for bunions, including poorly fitted shoes, joint issues, and genetics. Whatever the cause, as many as one in three adults have bunion pain at some point. Many of those people are likely to feel hesitant to show off their bare feet because of their bunions.

More importantly, bunions are painful and reduce mobility over time. Therefore, it’s important to take care of bunions promptly, both for the look and health of your feet. You’ll be glad to know that bunion surgery recovery time is short and the surgery is minimally invasive, making it relatively easy and painless to treat this issue once it is diagnosed.

Wearing shoes like high heels or shoes that don’t fit properly might look good in the moment, but the harsh reality is that they can lead to medical complications over time. Wearing a stylish pair of shoes is not worth it if it means putting your health at risk! Be sure to watch for symptoms and signs of bunions such as unnatural curvature of the foot and pain when walking, and seek treatment right away in order to avoid more serious complications in the future. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes at all times, and when doing so is not possible such as a special occasion for which you are required to wear high heels, invest in a high quality gel insert for your shoes that can protect your feet from damage and discomfort. This will not only reduce your risk of pain and health complications, but will keep your feet looking great.

Photography by ©Jon Wong for MMSCENE

Strong Nails and Shiny Hair

Strong, well-shaped nails and lush, shiny hair are some of the hallmarks of beauty. However, they also point to healthy living. Strong nails and hair are formed because of a diet rich in vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin D, and biotin. Protein is also important to build strong hair.

A diet with sufficient vitamins and minerals and plenty of protein isn’t just good for making your hair and nails attractive. It’s also essential for healthy living. If you find that your hair is weak and brittle and that your nails don’t grow well, it’s important to look at your diet and perhaps have bloodwork done to determine whether this is a health issue as well as a beauty issue.

Many people use hot tools such as curling irons or straighteners on a daily basis to style their hair. While these tools can make your hair look great, they can be severely damaging to your hair, especially if you have hair that is already bleached, dyed, or naturally dry. Adding moisture back into your hair with topical products and vitamins can help, but the best way to nurse dry, damaged hair back to health is by avoiding heat styling products as often as possible. Embracing your natural hair texture or finding heatless methods of getting the style you desire will help you to keep your hair shiny and healthy.

When it comes to your nails, you might not consider their health to be especially important. The truth is that treatments such as acrylic manicures and at-home press on nails can be damaging to your cuticles and nails, and can reduce their appearance and overall health over time. Although many people find getting fake nails and luxury manicures to be a great way to treat themselves to a bit of self care, many of these treatments come at the cost of your nail’s health. Taking supplements everyday can help your nails and cuticles to regain strength. Additionally, consider staying away from acrylic or press on nails which can cause damage over time. You can also add topical products such as thick moisturizers or cuticle oil to your daily skincare routine for a little extra help maintaining your nail health.

If you find that your hair and/or nails aren’t cooperating or looking the way you desire, it could be a sign of poor health. It is important to take care of your hair and nails, and in doing so, you will ensure that they always look great.

Photography by ©Jon Wong for MMSCENE

Look Good and Live Well

Sometimes, what looks good is also a sign of good health. Appearance shouldn’t be your first concern when taking care of foot pain caused by bunions or changing your diet so that you grow shiny hair and strong nails. However, if you’re insecure about your feet, nails, or hair, it may be worth looking into the problem, not just for your vanity but for your well-being. Regularly monitoring your feet for signs of trouble such as deformation or subtle pain or discomfort when walking as well as taking measures to ensure that you are only wearing comfortable footwear can be important in the prevention and long-term treatment of common issues such as bunions. Similarly, checking your hair  and nails for signs of damage such as dryness or breakage and changing up your routine to limit damaging products or tools accordingly can help to keep these areas healthy over time. Remember to prioritize your health just as much as you prioritize your appearance, and don’t wait until it is too late to prevent or seek professional treatment for these issues!

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