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Yoga Apparel

In most yoga classes, you cannot help but notice that women outnumber men. Yoga has numerous benefits for both genders so men should try it out too. Yoga is a wonderful work out that benefits it participants by expanding their mind, lungs, the range of motion, and sense of self as well as boosting their mood and loosening up their muscles.

The market for yoga­centric clothes for men is sparse. Most men do not know where to shop for their yoga attire. For the best selection of men’s yoga clothing, the most appropriate place to start looking would be online as there is a variety of clothes in different sizes and styles. The clothes you wear to yoga should allow you to focus more on the poses and less on how you look in them.

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Yoga Apparel

What Men Should Wear To Yoga

There are yoga clothes for men that are stylish and attractive. If you’re not so sure about what to wear to yoga, prioritize on comfort and flexibility. The material should also be stretchable, breathable, able to absorb sweat and allow enough room for movement as you strike your poses.

Men’s Undergarments

You should put on underwear that can wick away moisture, preferably one that’s made out of cotton. Find a tight fitting pair of underwear especially if you’re going to wear loose­fitting pants. Tighter-fitting underwear will have you feeling more secure when you’re in certain yoga positions.

Men’s Yoga Tops

While some men are comfortable practicing yoga shirt-free, others would not be okay with it especially if they’re self-conscious about their body. Going topless is not even allowed in some studios because the mats end up soaked in sweat and that’s not hygienic.

To cover up, get a t-shirt or a tight-fitting vest/tank. Tight-fitting tops are recommended as they allow your instructor to see your form when you’re doing complicated poses. However, if you prefer baggy t-shirts, you might have to tuck it in so that it doesn’t ride up to your neck area when you’re doing inverted positions.

Men’s Yoga Bottoms

Whether you decide to wear shorts, cropped pants or long pants, that’s totally up to you. Just make sure that your bottoms fit right and are not too transparent to avoid any incidences of indecent exposure when you’re doing lower body stretches.

The type of yoga that you’ll be participating in. in some way, affects the type of bottoms to be worn. For example, those practicing hot yoga (that is performed in a heated room) are advised to wear shorts to allow heat to escape from the body faster.

Yoga bottoms can be made from different materials such as cotton, hemp, a combination of cotton and Lycra, and other organic material.

Men’s Yoga Footwear

There’s no need to worry about what kind of shoes to wear to yoga since yoga is a barefoot practice. However, if you feel that you need extra support during your sessions, then you can get some anti slip yoga socks that are designed to offer grip on the floor.

Other Accessories

For men who have long hair, it would be best if you got yourselves a head/hair band to hold your hair in place. Otherwise, you will be distracted and unfocused if you have hair all over your face.

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