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Exclusive: Stefano Kuhnt Interview

Stefano Kuhn

Model: Stefano Kuhnt
Agencies: Karin Paris, Joy Milan, Zone London, Satory Berlin
Interview by Sussan Zeck
Currently, an editorial workhorse, Stefano Kuhnt has appeared in the pages of the best fashion bibles such as Elle, Harper's Bazaar etc. and works on the worlds' major modelling markets. But what keeps the clients coming back is his combination of a charismatic personality mixed with the right sense of humour, professional work attitude and his good looks, of course. Stefano is set to light the industry on fire! International model Sussan Zeck meets Stefano Kuhnt in Paris. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome Mr. Kuhnt…

Stefano Kuhn Stefano Kuhn

Sussan Zeck: Stefano, nice to see you again, now as we are sitting here at Starbucks, what would you like to order?
Stefano Kuhnt: My pleasure, Sussan. Let's choose that small table with window view, I'm taking a cola, what can I bring you? 
Sussan Zeck: Oh, another gentleman (laughs). A Jasmin Orange Tea, please! You seem astonishingly relaxed today Stefano, how was your day?
Stefano Kuhnt: My day was very enjoyable, I had only two castings. That's why I'm also energetic enough to serve you, you see. You remember our legendary times in modelapartment, Sussan? 
Sussan Zeck: Of course I remember our legendary times (laughs), still the good old gentleman! Apart from that, what characterizes you, Stefano? 
Stefano Kuhnt: I'm the Full Monty. Whatever convinces me, gets my full attention and dedication. For example, I'm eating neither meat nor fish for around four years now and I'm feeling fantastic without it. Even if that tasted heavenly delicious, it doesn't justify the slaughtery. In our society, often people don't accept this and try to change my mind which is needless. Another example, I love being independent, that's why I'm neither smoking nor drinking coffee. If I'm around people who are moaning because they haven't smoked for an hour, I keep letting them moan, but I never want to see myself like that. I want to stay independent, without any vices. Do you know what I mean, Sussan? 
Sussan Zeck: Being a vegetarian for nearly all my life, I completely understand what you're talking about, Stefano! Keep that attitude, that's very mature and like that you'll go very far in life! To continue our interview, how did you get into modeling?
Stefano Kuhnt: I got into modeling at the age of 18, but only as part- time job. Education and civil services were my priority that time. I'm working and travelling full- time these days. In this business, you can feel certain, nothing is for certain!
Sussan Zeck: Very well expressed! What agencies are you with? 
Stefano Kuhnt: I'm currently with Karin Models in Paris, Joy Model Management in Milan, Satory Model Management in Berlin and Zone Models in London 
Sussan Zeck: Strong team, very well chosen! One thing you can't live without?
Stefano Kuhnt: Humour, how could I handle my daily routine without that? (laughs)
Sussan Zeck: That's true, Stefano!! What's the first thing you're doing in a foreign city?
Stefano Kuhnt: Testing whether the water from the tub is drinkable. Then, risking all and trying the first sip! 
Sussan Zeck: Ever fainted so far?
Stefano Kuhnt: Not yet, not yet (laughs) 
Sussan Zeck: Good luck, my dear! To which places has modeling taken you and is there any favourite city?
Stefano Kuhnt: Some of my most recent travels include Paris, London, Athens and Istanbul and I'm ready for Asia now. Athens impressed me, it's such an interesting and fantastic city, I love it!!
Sussan Zeck: Athens is a way of life! Which place in the world inspires you and why?
Stefano Kuhnt: The internet, you always find what you're looking for 😉 
Sussan Zeck: Day or Night?
Stefano Kuhnt: 100% nocturnal!! The darker the night, the brighter stars shine, the higher my creativity!! 
Sussan Zeck: How would you describe your personal style?
Stefano Kuhnt: Slightly trendier than german comedian Kai Ebel but not as trendy as some actors from D12.
Sussan Zeck: Stefano, I'm sure Kai is checking all my interviews. Is there any excuse you want to add for saying you're dressing trendier than he does?
Stefano Kuhnt: Well Kai, Sussan & Stefano would love to visit you in any of your shows!! 
Sussan Zeck: Oh Jeez, be prepared for his call any of this days.
Stefano Kuhnt: We'd have a blast with him!!
Sussan Zeck: Oh yeah, certainly!! What's your favourite music? 
Stefano Kuhnt: For going out I prefer electronical music, when wandering around on castings, HipHop beats motivate me the most. What are you listening on your iPod?
Sussan Zeck: Today? Oh, my favourite podcasts, Heaven's Lounge- Greek Island Cruise, by Dj Peter Canellis. Any credo, Stefano? 
Stefano Kuhnt: Eat more meat as it sounds so well but of course I mean the exact opposite 😉
Sussan Zeck: Voila, many thanks Stefano, get ready for our comedian show with Kai Ebel. 

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