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MMSCENE Exclusive Interview with Amaury Bent

Amaurys Journey From Curiosity to Triumph

In this exclusive interview for MMSCENE, captured by photographer Alessandra Huynh, Amaury Bent shares his journey with an unexpected modeling competition victory, leading him to sign with the Bananas Models in Paris.


He talks about the power of recognizing and owning one’s potential, how cultural background influences the path in the fashion industry and growing up without being surrounded by fashion influences. Looking ahead, his ambitions include establishing a full-time modeling career, traveling the world, and collaborating with leading fashion brands.

©Alessandra Huynh for MMSCENE

How did you start your modeling career, and what led you to join Bananas Models in Paris?
I was offered the opportunity to take part in a modeling competition after going to a casting out of curiosity, and ended up winning the competition! That opened the doors to photoshoots with local photographers to then getting offered a few contracts with modeling agencies after doing rounds of presenting my book with the photos I had accumulated. My search was successful, it lead to me signing with Bananas.

In what ways has being part of Bananas Models influenced your career and development as a model?
Getting signed to Bananas really allowed me to recognize and affirm the potential in me. With them being one of the top French modeling agencies, having had signed some very well known and experienced models opened my eyes to the possibilities in front of me. I use it as a reminder that I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t see the potential in me. That goes for everyone that I’ve worked with up until now. Owning your potential can get you far.

©Alessandra Huynh for MMSCENE

As a French model, how do you think your cultural background influences your work in the modeling industry?
Personally, I didn’t grow up around too much fashion influences. It was as I got older, in my adolescence I became more aware of fashion and the type of fashion that corresponded to me. It became a passion of mine with time and I knew that I wanted to be a part of this world in some way. Though being French, fashion is all around us, embedded in us in a way. Most of the best fashion houses are French.

What are your main goals and ambitions within the modeling world, and are there any particular types of modeling or fashion brands you are keen to work with?
My main goal currently is to continue life as a full-time model, and have my schedule reflect that. I started a bit « late » as they would say in the modeling world but would like to create the opportunities for myself to travel the world and sign contracts worldwide. To book magazines such as GQ, L’Officiel Homme, Man About Town magazines. I would really like the opportunity to branch out into high fashion modeling as well! My goal is to work with fashion brands such as Valentino, Balmain, Armani, D&G, just to name a few.

©Alessandra Huynh for MMSCENE
©Alessandra Huynh for MMSCENE

What have been the most significant challenges you’ve faced as a new model, and what lessons have you learned from these experiences?
Patience and determination. My main challenges as a new model were exactly that. It can get rough sometimes when you’re so passionate about becoming a model, and getting a kick start to your career. The journey is long for most so exercising patience when you truly want something was quite challenging! Stressing and becoming anxious won’t help or advance anything. The mental strength you need to have sometimes can be testing, as comparison can become the thief of all joy! “Patience is bitter, but its fruit are sweet.”

Modeling often requires balancing a hectic schedule with personal time. How do you manage this balance, and what are your hobbies or interests outside of modeling?
Naturally, I’m a very organized person. But as a model, our schedules can become very inconsistent. I tend to organize my days in accordance with my work schedule. I prioritize work but I understand the importance of work-life balance. I am an avid fitness lover! I train 4-5 days a week depending on my work schedule. But I always try to find time for fitness regardless. If that means walking to and from work instead of hopping on the metro, or a shorter session at the end of the day. Being physically active, and moving my body is very important to me and I will always try to prioritize it. I love history and love to read (I actually studied history in university), so I tend to read a lot of historic books. I love learning new things, informing myself about the world and what’s going on in the world that we live in. That is something of great interest to me as well.

©Alessandra Huynh for MMSCENE
©Alessandra Huynh for MMSCENE

Who in the fashion or modeling industry do you look up to as a role model or source of inspiration?
In the fashion industry I look up to a few people such as Kit Butler & Parker Van Noord. I admire the evolution of their careers and I would hope to have something similar.

Lastly, what advice would you give to aspiring models, particularly those starting their careers in the competitive Paris fashion scene?
A piece of advice I would give to aspiring models, as much as it may sound cliche, is truly to never give up. The industry may seem very daunting as a new face, intimidating or the jobs may be taking some time to flow in. But if you are truly ambitious and know that this is what you want to do in life, stay determined, tenacious, strong-minded. Stay confident within yourself and persevere. Because your time will come. It may be competitive but there is room for everyone in this space. Try and not become too discouraged, never give up!

©Alessandra Huynh for MMSCENE
©Alessandra Huynh for MMSCENE

Photographer Alessandra Huynh – @alessandra.huynh

Model AMAURY BENT at Bananas Models in Paris – @bananasmodels @amaurybent


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