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ELVRIK Global Citizen Menswear Lookbook


Australian based designer Jordan Anderson presents ELVRIK‘s Global Citizen collection with menswear lookbook captured by fashion photographer Michael Bowie. Stars of the session are Josh Cocks, Max Donker, Andy Barrett, and Zach Chapel. Hair and makeup courtesy of Penelope Pon.

The collection drawing inspiration from Jordan Anderson’s 13-month international exchange program visiting 14 countries across the world while based in Berlin. The movie ‘Cool Runnings’ was another strong influence on Jordan’s designs  perfect representation of 90s oversized sportswear that he finds key to his design aesthetic.  The collection features innovative textile development, exploring intricate heat transfer techniques, print development and hi-tech fabric souring. A 3D tactile surface was created by using heat on 3D effect vinyl adhering to the fabric. Additionally, Jordan developed a 3D hi-tech seamless sports rib.

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