DANSHAN’ X Lane Crawford Capsule Collection


Chinese menswear label, DANSHAN‘ has collaborated with Lane Crawford on a capsule collection, inspired by the examination of male body language within a policed state of formalities and potential embarrassment.

By examining how male body language develops within a policed state of formalities and potential embarrassments, and often turns into a place where affection between men is rare and sanctioned, they have created a montage of moving images with the filmmaker, Saskia Dixie and art director, Ben Freeman. These images seek to take the viewer through a series of fantasy scenarios akin to those found in traditional educational videos. Through the exploration of symbolic poses and gestures performed by male participants, ‘Learning with DANSHAN’ hopes to highlight the problematic nature of the code and unpick it’s foundations, with the intention of creating a new ‘code’ that celebrates the vast, nuanced scope of the male gender. – from Danshan’


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Photography by Jack Minto
Grooming by Lindsay Low

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