Paraphrasing & Quoting Material from Sources in A Fashion Writing Piece

Fashion writing is a true task on it’s own from finding quotes to staying on path of The Modern Language Association our fashion writers point out a few important notes to take into consideration.

Fashion Writing Piece
Fashion writing is medium that breaks all the barriers between fashion brands and their target audience – you. It helps communicate the designer’s ideas effectively on a certain theme. Critics reviewing collections or writing about the latest trends are also able to share their upclose experiences through it.

Over time, fashion writing styles have evolved, and every different type of topic has its particular style. Also, it might be fashion but there are many rules and regulations that you have to follow, especially when your am is to reach a wider audience.

Plagiarism in Fashion Writing

Plagiarism in fashion writing is one of the key issues now a day. It protects ideas, expressions, thoughts, etc. from stealing. It demands a writer to write unique pieces, without exactly using the words and expressions of the original author. Now, whenever you want to write something, and you use a source, you have two choices of how to use that source. These are:

Quoting Material from a Source
You can either quote from it by using the author’s direct words and putting quotation marks around them. You think that the way the original author communicates it is the best way to express that idea and that it should be written in its original form in your article, essay, etc. When it comes to fashion, numerous fashion reports while reviewing collections are to use the collection notes at hand. Unfortunately most of the times the copywriters creating the collection notes, use generic descriptions, sometimes used for more than one season with only minor uninspired edits. At the same time it is important to stay on top of requirements of The Modern Language Association guidelines,thus the following notes in the articles will help you create a perfect mla format essay. 

Fashion Writing Piece

Paraphrasing Material from a Source
The other option is that you can paraphrase from that source, which could either be a newspaper, collection notes, biography of the designer, research article, etc. This is what you do when you just want to mention an idea in your text without using the exact words of the original author because it is not necessary to use the same words as the idea will be well delivered in transformed form also.

Fashion Writing Piece

Paraphrasing means putting the source information in your own words. When you paraphrase something, you cannot completely put something in your own words. You can put it in your phrases or your sentences. This is because you have to repeat certain keywords. There are certain things that you cannot entirely paraphrase in your own words. You cannot change certain keywords, such as the name of a country or state, the name of a person, the dates, etc. You have to use them as it is.

So, the issue in paraphrasing is not to use some other source material completely or the material set aside by a fashion brand, but the issue is to put it in your voice and sentences. It is always fine to use the keywords in your writing, but the sentence and expression should be a unique one. The custom writing service providers help people do this.

Why Paraphrase, Why Not Just Quote Everything?

By paraphrasing, or by putting the originally provided source material, coming from a designer or a fashion, in your voice you are to achieve a unique flow bettering your writing piece and your. Reading about fashion is often uninspiring so instead of quoting the collection notes, finding your voice will help your readers engage far more. The second reason, of course, is that you must limit the number of quotations that you use in your paper, otherwise just copy the press release coming from the designer. Of course, that is the same as a fashion house writing the piece, and you just copied and pasted. Sometimes quotes are a necessity, especially if you are quoting the designer personally not a description from a press release, obviously.

Nevertheless, no matter what you do, quote something or paraphrase something, put it in your phrases, you must cite that source. This will give the well deserved credit to the original author. In case you are quoting the fashion house itself, make sure your reader knows you had no other option but to do so.

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