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Discover MARINE SERRE Spring Summer 2024 Collection

Marine Serre’s new collection is a captivating portrayal of animalistic and physical expressions of love.

Courtesy of © Marine Serre

MARINE SERRE‘s latest collection unveils a captivating medley of seasonal hits, hidden treasures, and timeless classics. Presented during the recently wrapped up Paris Fashion Week, this season’s showcase takes us back to the fundamentals, embodying love through animalistic and physical expressions.


The show commences with the enchanting notes of Debussy’s “Clair de Lune,” a nocturnal tribute and a nod to Marine Serre’s iconic moon crescent logo. This daringly classical track retains its rebellious touch, serving as the perfect foundation for a 15-minute reinterpretation—a journey through the evolution of electronic dance music. As the show’s music producer, Pierre Rousseau, aptly puts it, “It’s a process of radicality, rejuvenation, and fusion that resonates deeply with Marine Serre, translated into music.” This magnificent track captures the heavenly sensation of a flawless summer day, igniting an irresistible desire to dance—a mood that can instantly transport you to the moon and back.

Courtesy of © Marine Serre

The runway spectacle showcases an array of techniques, fabrics, and silhouettes, with half of them revitalized from upcycled or vintage materials, proudly displaying various manifestations of designer’s passion.

Setting itself apart, the runway cast features a distinctive blend of models and eleven music artists: Teyana Taylor, Miguel, Aron Piper, Sevdaliza, Noah Cyrus, Yseult, Brooke Candy, Anetha, Pink Siifu, John Glacier, and Aime Simone. Together, they create a harmonious symphony, jamming and vibing to the same pulsating rhythm.

Courtesy of © Marine Serre

Kicking off the show, Teyana Taylor takes center stage, adorned in a dress meticulously crafted from pleated scarves and upcycled tee shirts, accentuating her silhouette with sensual allure. This powerful display exemplifies Marine Serre’s creative process, where materials are elevated, and two foundational elements of the brand reinvent and regenerate in a beautiful dance for the first time.

Courtesy of © Marine Serre

Two additional Marine Serre icons make a captivating appearance at the extravaganza: upcycled tee shirts transformed into a patchwork of revived passions and gray-washed upcycled camo, personified by Pink Siifu, channeling resistance through joy.

Courtesy of © Marine Serre

Crochet and home garments, traditionally confined to domestic realms, experience rebirth within our opulent Red Line. Embracing symbols of care and intimacy, they command the spotlight with a touch of humor, transforming into embodiments of romance. One remarkable couture dress stands out—an intricate creation crafted from upcycled granny-square blankets, gracefully worn by model Rouguy Faye.

Courtesy of © Marine Serre

Inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of Hawaii and paying homage to vibrant sunsets, hibiscus prints and upcycled beach towels delicately drape unisex skirts and revealing cut-out dresses, enveloping the enchanting presence of Brooke Candy. The untouched original sponge resurfaces, symbolizing regeneration at the doorstep.

Courtesy of © Marine Serre

The runway basks in the radiance of blinding flashes, as a new metal-free silver leather steals the spotlight, adding a captivating touch to an abundance of styles. From trench coats to straight trousers, and from the MS RISE sneakers to the Stardust bag, these looks embody sensuality and self-assuredness.

Denim takes center stage as the distinguished guest of the night, gracing the stage with over ten iconic blue jeans ensembles. Symbolizing impromptu night outs, Marine Serre’s denim collection remixes classic shapes with a fresh canvas of vintage fabric, uniting harmoniously: five-pocket styles, twisted seams, mini-skirts, boxy vests, and short dresses. Moons grace the busts and backside, infusing a hint of sensuality.


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