Ultimate Men’s Swimwear Buying Guide

An Ultimate Men’s Swimwear Buying Guide prepared by our Editors in a timely manner, even though the Summer season is only a few months away:

Men’s Swimwear
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Many people are confused about the various men’s swimwear designs that are available and they want to know what they are for? So by the end of this article you’ll know something about the different types of menswear swimwear designs. You’ll learn what they are for, and if they meet your requirements, or in simple words which you should be going after!

If we cut this down to short, then we would know that even in this simple garment, there are tons of variations related to design, fabrics, and appearance.

While knowing which style suits your body-shape, there could be substantial material advantages in choosing the right type for you. This can bring a big-boost to your pool-side confidence.

men's swimwear
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What are the various men’s swimwear styles?

There are 4 types of swimming suits for men, which includes jammers, aqua shorts, briefs, and water shorts.

I wish it could be simple to just pick any men’s swimwear piece. However surprisingly its not, the first problem you encounter is an extremely wide choice of fabrics. Today we just don’t have to consider the shape of the swimwear only. Instead there is a great array of fabrics too, today modern shorts give us the latest materials – such as chlorine resistant fabric which will prevent your swims from the degradation caused by repeated swimming pool visits. Also various stretch fabrics are now a pivotal part of any swim design, and some brands are even going into developing UV protected fabrics for summer at the beach.

Men’s Swimwear
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Another addition to the design is Draw String Waists, which is needless to say mostly worn by those who have abs, allowing them to adjust the fit as required. Compression as a feature is also worth looking at, because of the tight fit, especially around the quads and hamstring, supporting the important kick muscles. If you have been planning for a beach getaway or want to start surfing while the weather is great for it for a while now. Whether you are lean and tall or a little bit stocky, this guide will help you to wear the best men’s swimsuit.

Swimsuit Styles

There are 4 main men’s swimwear styles.

Jammers are close to knees in length and they have a tight fitting, and they have become popular among the professional athletes for their compression qualities, which can help increase the performance in the pool. But they are commonly chosen by the people who are tall and have athletic physique, and these are often avoided by many of us who have average height.

Briefs are the most common swimwear design, minimizing drag in the water. They have become the most sustainable swimwear because of their performance in races, and they are close-fitting with a minimal fabric, but it depends on the brand you are getting the fabric from. These are also chosen by athletes and they are also well-suited for everyone no matter the height.

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Water shorts are also one of the best choices in selecting a swimsuit, because of their quick-drying and comfort properties. They commonly suit those with either thin body or overweight physiques, and they look great to those both who are average height or above.

Finally, we landed on Aqua Shorts, which are a balance between jammers and briefs, providing more coverage than a brief and less drag than a jammer. These are the best choice for those with average height because they provide more coverage and more compression as compared to brief. But they also remain popular among the taller people too. Needless to say, height remarks are only a suggestion.

How to choose swimwear?

A couple of key steps in choosing a swimsuit:

1.Realize your active needs

First of all, you will have to know how often you are going to use your swimwear or which activities are you planning to do when you purchase your swimwear? Or how intense they could be?

Are you the one who is requiring a swimsuit for a hotel swimming pool for now, and then never looking back at it? Or are you the one who wants to learn swimming or who wants to do surfing?

Men’s Swimwear
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Think about these options while you purchase your first swimsuit:

  • Some of the basic questions arise, how much leg movement you will be needing? If you are going for loose fabric, when it’s wet, you can chafe it very quickly, so maybe a loose trunk style of shorts isn’t that ideal if you just plan for walking around in your swimsuit or using it for leg exercise.
  •  How much are you actually going to swim? You will definitely want to reduce your drag if you are actually going to push yourself through the water for any amount of time, so in that case getting a tighter-fit may help.
  • Sunblock? Or manual protection? It depends on your choice, if you really care for your skin and you need to protect it from the sun then you should go with something that can cover the upper body as well as the lower portion of your body. Due to long hours spent in the water surfers often opt for scuba suits instead of swimwear. This not only protects from the ocean but also from the sun.

2.Understand your visual appearance

The short-cut for this men’s swimwear guide comes with a few simple questions. Who are you going to be with, when wearing a swimsuit? What do you want from them? It is important to know your play.

Photo ©Chris Fucile for MMSCENE

People who go with family for a vacation, they don’t have much to think about when it comes to style. But whatever the occasion, you have to ask yourself:

  • Are you planning on impressing someone? If not, then stop worrying about your swimsuit, and get whatever is comfortable for you.
  • Do you plan on looking less revealing? A good amount of length, traditional styles (trunks or square-cuts), and solid colours or restrained stripes are for you.
  • Do you want to impress someone and you have to look sexy? If so, then you will need a cut that compliments your body type and a colour or pattern that’s eye-catching without being so ridiculous.
  • Colour is also important, swimwear is often shaped in popular colours. Trend reports suggest we are to expect a great deal of design appearing in the latest Pantone Colour of the year selected for 2022.

Now, there are no right or wrong choices here. What is important is to go with what makes you feel comfortable and confident, so simply own it.

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