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Spencer Burhoe for Ayanegui Fall Winter 2016.17


Menswear brand established in Mexico Ayanegui presents their Fall Winter 2016.17 collection with lookbook photographed by Guillermo Cassar & Dano Santana, starring model Spencer Burhoe. Styling is work of Jocelyn Corona. Ayanegui designed their Fall Winter 2016.17 collection named Equation for modern man, who is interested in indumentary sophistication, the tangible part of our lives, body.

Creating clothes with different simplified geometric textures and contemporary ways to this Modern life style including retentive details that ill make you stand out from the winter mases without abusing of Maximalism. This fall/winter 16-17 is composed by a cold color spectrum with essential interior details for practicity. Our corteous mix the fluency of a sober design with urban coziness with our diverse coats, hybrid jackets and atemporal basics styles. With this collection, we’re proving that indumentary is a process. Just as equations, you have to simplify them to get to the correct result and that you gotta be ready with the necessary bases to it.”

SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-02 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-03 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-04 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-05 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-06 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-07 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-08 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-09 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-10 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-11 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-12 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-13 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-14 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-15 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-16 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-17 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-18 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-19 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-20 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-21 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-22 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-23 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-24 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-25 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-26 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-27 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-28 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-29 SpencerBurhoe-AyaneguiFW16-30

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