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Courrèges SS25 Pre-collection: An Ode to Summer Escapism

Nicolas Di Felice Revives Daywear with 70s Flair and Watersport Inspirations

Courtesy of Courrèges-Courrèges SS25 Pre-collection: An Ode to Summer Escapism

Echoing Albert Camus‘ sentiment, “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer,” the collection encapsulates the dream of summer escapism and revives daywear classics. Captured by renowned photographer Mark Borthwick, the imagery beautifully reflects Nicolas Di Felice’s poetic vision for Courrèges.

Courtesy of Courrèges

Building on themes from the FW24 collection, Di Felice offers a pared-back yet dynamic line. The ‘upside-down’ deconstruction motif returns in lighter fabrics like floaty satin, workwear canvas, and raw indigo denim. These materials rejuvenate the silhouettes, infusing them with a sharp, 70s-inspired aesthetic. Notable pieces include the ‘magic square’ mesh tops, adorned with abstract graphics from hiking signage, and the new ‘Friday Bowling’ bag, which carries the season’s energetic accessories theme with its baguette-like volume.

Inspired by vintage scuba shorts, Di Felice introduces sun-filled elements that add athletic accents to daywear staples. Asymmetric button-tabs, layered waistbands, and oversized belt loops reminiscent of André Courrèges’ SS70 collection create revitalized contrasts. Watersport-inspired pockets and slip-on diving shoes, adapted for urban wear in nappa leather and rich scuba jersey, evoke seaside adventures. The remixed scuba biker jacket, featuring a surf-inspired zipper puller and an extended locker loop, captures the spirit of ocean spray.

Courtesy of Courrèges

The season opens with enveloping trench coats designed to protect against the storm. As the collection unfolds, it feels like a treasure hunt, uncovering clues of forgotten adventures that recreate summertime joy in daily life. Di Felice’s meticulous attention to detail crafts a genealogy of shape, connecting his creative waves to a universal escape tale. This narrative carries us into adventures, blending nostalgia with forward-thinking design.

Courtesy of Courrèges

The menswear collection reimagines daywear classics with a fresh outlook. Lightweight fabrics allow the volumes to soar, creating dynamic, 70s-inspired silhouettes that are both sharp and relaxed. Incorporating athletic and watersport elements, such as asymmetric button-tabs and slip-on diving shoes, the menswear line infuses urban wardrobes with a sense of adventure and exploration. These pieces seamlessly blend functionality and style, embodying the essence of summer escapism.

Courtesy of Courrèges

In summary, the Courrèges SS25 collection by Nicolas Di Felice masterfully merges past and present, imbued with a longing for summer and adventure. The collection’s intricate details and innovative designs weave a narrative inviting us to escape the mundane and embrace summertime joy.

View the collection in the Gallery below:

Written by Anastasija Pavic

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