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OUR LEGACY Spring/Summer 2025: BLOOD KNOT

A tribute to fishing village ingenuity, blending practical utility with unexpected beauty in intricate designs

Photography by Louis Flashman-OUR LEGACY Spring/Summer 2025: BLOOD KNOT

The OUR LEGACY Spring/Summer 2025 collection, titled “BLOOD KNOT,” embarks on an exploration of the merging boundaries between outdoor and indoor environments. The presentation is uniquely experienced through dividing glass, creating a seamless blend of exterior and interior scenes. This glass produces reflections and distortions, adding a layer of complexity to the visual narrative.

Photography by Louis Flashman

The environmental shift is reflected in the presentation, featuring models in garments that appear soaked and wrung out, as if they have just come from the shore. Their bodies are marked by sweat and sunburn, and their hair remains wet from the ocean, emphasizing a raw, tactile connection to the coastal setting.

The collection ingeniously transforms traditional fishing nets into sophisticated knitwear and crochet designs, encapsulating the essence of the coastal village. The jewelry further enhances this theme, with pieces resembling beachcombed treasures. Silver rings, necklaces, and bracelets are designed to mimic bottle caps, seashells, fishing rods, and nautical knots, evoking a sense of seaside discovery and rustic charm.

Photography by Louis Flashman

Cristopher Nying, co-founder of OUR LEGACY, cites an intriguing inspiration behind this season’s theme. “There were these pictures of boat engines photographed by my friend, wrapped in mismatched fabrics and entangled in string. These images have been with us for some time and served as the starting point for this season. They depict a close-knit community in a village, taking what you have for a utilitarian purpose and creating unexpected beauty,” Nying explains. This sentiment captures the heart of “BLOOD KNOT,” where practicality and aesthetic merge.

Photography by Louis Flashman

With “BLOOD KNOT,” OUR LEGACY masterfully weaves a narrative of coastal life, where the boundaries between human and nature, utility and beauty, blur and intertwine. The collection not only showcases the brand’s innovative design vision but also pays tribute to the resilience and creativity of fishing communities.

View the collection in the Gallery below:

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Written by Anastasija Pavic

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