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Fear of God Spring Summer 2025 Collection

This season, Fear of God presents a collection that emphasizes textures, achieving a balance between relaxed and refined elements in American luxury.

Fear of God Spring Summer 2025 / Courtesy of Fear of God

Fear of God’s Spring Summer 2025 collection, titled ETERNAL 2025, once again showcases Jerry Lorenzo’s vision for contemporary American luxury. This sophomore offering of the ETERNAL line, crafted in Italy, blends casual wear with sharply defined formal attire. At the heart of ETERNAL 2025 are its meticulously designed silhouettes, drawing inspiration from classic American tailoring and sportswear. Each piece exemplifies a balance between relaxed and refined aesthetics. The collection’s designs aims to go beyond conventional boundaries and temporal constraints.

Courtesy of Fear of God

The fabric selection in ETERNAL 2025 is equally thoughtful, adding a rich textural dimension to the collection. Lorenzo’s materials, including suede, wool silk tweed, croc-embossed leather, melton wool, and weighted twill, enhance both the visual appeal and tactile experience of the garments. The interplay of these textures creates a collection that is as satisfying to touch as it is to see.

Courtesy of Fear of God

Lorenzo’s commitment to cultural nuance and design consistency is evident throughout ETERNAL 2025. Rather than chasing fleeting trends, this collection proposes a timeless mode of dressing. Lorenzo’s designs are deeply rooted in cultural heritage, appreciating the enduring qualities of classic American style. This results in garments that feel both contemporary and classic, offering a sense of continuity in an ever-changing fashion landscape.

Courtesy of Fear of God

Fear of God’s ETERNAL 2025 collection embodies Jerry Lorenzo’s vision of emancipated dressing. It invites wearers to experience a mode of dressing that is both luxurious and free from temporal constraints. Explore the Fear of God Spring/Summer 2025 collection in the gallery below:

Written by Pavle Banovic

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