Picking The Right Sunglasses Based On Face Shape

A proper fitting is necessary to get a stylish look on your face. So, let’s start the search for the best-suited sunglasses today

Picking The Right Sunglasses Based On Face Shape
Photography ©Mateusz Tyszkiewicz

Are you wondering how to get yourself the right pair of sunglasses? We are here to guide you. No matter what your face shape is, whether it is round, square, oval, or rectangular shaped, you can select the right sunglasses. Before you buy the sunglasses, make sure that you know about the different types of sunglasses. You should also find out your face shape because these factors affect the overall look of sunglasses on your face.

Most people like to own a pair of sunglasses, but they often get confused due to the wide range of sunglasses. Thus, for buying a perfect one, you should try it and see if any of the trendy sunglasses fit your face or not. A proper fitting is necessary to get a stylish look on your face. So, let’s start the search for the best-suited sunglasses today itself.

Importance Of Sunglasses

When you buy sunglasses, it is like making a valuable investment for a long period, as people usually do not change sunglasses every year. Moreover, there are numerous useful sunglasses like the ones that prevent harmful sun rays from entering our eyes, and thus these types of sunglasses protect our eyes from any serious problems.

Not only from the sun’s rays but it also protects your eyes from snow, sand, dust, and harsh winds. Sunglasses are also gaining popularity in the fashion industry because they give our outfits a creative and innovative look.

Understand Your Face Shape

The shape of sunglasses varies according to the different shapes and sizes of people’s faces. To buy the perfect pair of sunglasses for yourself, you need to know your face type. First, this will help you to understand your face’s angular structure, contours, and features in a better way.

If you are curious to know about your face shape but do not know how to identify them, do not worry. We have brought you a terrific trick that will surely help you in measuring the shape of your face easily and quickly.

Steps To Measure Your Face Shape

Just follow the below-given steps.

Step 1. Measure Cheekbones

Grab any measurement tape, and spot it below your eye near your cheekbones. Attach the tape from one side of your cheekbone, take it to the other side of your face, and note down the obtained measurement.

Step 2. Figure Out The Jawline

When you are done with your cheekbones, move to the jawlines. Take the measuring tape from one end of your jawline to the other, and note down the number.

Step 3. Scale-Out The Face Length

Settle the tape in the middle of your hairline, and stretch it down from the front of your face to the chin. And then note down the measurements.

When these measurements are over, observe and analyze the numbers and compare all of them with standard face shapes. After analyzing the figures, it becomes easy for you to identify your face shape.

However, there are generally six face shapes. They are round, square, oval, heart-shaped, and rectangular faces. Let’s discuss some of them.

Picking The Right Sunglasses Based On Face Shape
Photography ©Mateusz Tyszkiewicz

Heart-Shaped Face

Usually, a heart-type of the face is wide at the foreheads and narrows down to the jaws. This type of face mostly looks good with winged-out frames, which are slightly wider than the forehead, and thus create a balance on the face. Bottom heavy frames with low set temples, oval-shaped frames, or even a lightweight rimless frame will look good on heart shaped faces.

Oval Shaped Face

Oval faces are the most versatile face shape, as they look good on any of the sunglasses. At the cheekbones, they are wider and narrow at the foreheads. Though one with an oval face can try out any sunglasses, you can wear oversized framed sunglasses with bold colors and textures to enhance and blend them with the outfit.

Round Shaped Face

Are you worried about soft angles with less wide cheekbones and equal jaws and forehead if you have a round face? You can try out the rectangular framed sunglasses, as they will sharpen your soft angles and give you a bold look. Also, they will put less emphasis on your equal jaw and forehead.

These were some of the tips that you must take care of before you buy sunglasses for yourself. Moreover, you should pay more attention to your facial features and find the sunglasses that suit you best.

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