4 Timeless Car Designs Creating Modern Luxury

Car designs are today creating the modern luxury in more ways than you can imagine, here’s 4 cars reshaping our world:

Rolls Royce Phantom
Rolls-Royce Phantom image courtesy of ©Rolls-Royce

Car manufactures such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Bugatti, Ferrari and Mclaren to name a few when unveiling their new designs always have in mind redefining the interpretation of what a luxury car could be. 

Almost by default the new designs area filled with complete cutting edge tech gadgets such as voice commands, remote control parking and even the newly developed gesture control techniques. Needless to say with every model you test you are to hear how the drive is virtually silent and more smoother than ever before. However, more than that a truly bold statement of intent and reinvention of a car brand’s design philosophy which ventures into realm of luxury comes only once in a while for each of the household car manufacturers.

Today’s millennial customers are aware of what they want from a luxury car and leading companies are competing to fulfil that. It is not enough for a car maker to only be at the forefront of technology. They must also stand at the forefront of design. The challenge for today’s car designer is not to only create a luxury car. That car truly has to be a completely modern, unparalleled luxury vehicle which also brings the most important piece of the puzzle – the driving. To compete on today’s market car manufactures have to simply said deliver the complete package. 

Contemporary customer’s demand is rapidly changing the way auto companies think. Car customers are looking for improved engine technology with developed connectivity allowing a true enhancement of driver’s experience. Companies thriving today are those that find successful way to include both. Additionally, consumers are also looking at online options for selling their vehicles that have fallen out of style or have turned inoperable.

Nevertheless, just as Tesla’s Elon Musk found out after the failure of their Cybertruck design it is not all about the eye-catching sci-fi driven showstopper. Thus MMSCENE Magazine editors are listing 4 cars ready for today’s market shaped to create modern luxury in car design (listed in no particular order): 


Rolls-Royce Phantom
Rolls-Royce Phantom image courtesy of ©Rolls-Royce


This classic driven car is described as one of the leading designs in extraordinary driving experience. With its contemporary reshape Rolls-Royce has rightfully so described the design as one of the last great car industry adventures. The phantom features a 6.6 litre and 563bhp twin turbo v12 engine and is shaped to give you the new and improved experience of silent driving. Not to forget the masterfully shaped dashboard. 


While novice players such as Tesla may fail in their literal interpretation of a sci-fi sentiment with the design behind Mercedes-Maybach 6 you can see note-worthy elements of how to deliver a car looking as if it arrived from a time travel journey. Nevertheless while you may recognise a nod to the slickness of a Batmobile this beautiful machine shaped in a classic manner does nothing less than reshape the essential design of car travel. 

Mercedes-Maybach photo courtesy of ©Mercedes-Benz

The design of this entirely electric and ultra modern concept car shows true power behind a powerhouse such as Mercedes-Benz. And when you opt for a Mercedes you are always secure no matter the time or the model spare parts wont be an issue. Web pages such as this one here give you a great outlook into wast accessibility of spares for a truly massive range of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. 

Jaguar E-Type
Jaguar E-Type photo Courtesy of ©Jaguar


If it looks like it came out of a Bond movie you are not wrong, it is the secret agent’s favourite car for more than half a century. Almost six decades after car industry’s most stunning car took the streets, the E-Type is still the head-turner nobody can resist. Nevertheless keeping up with the times thanks to Jaguar’s design team the E-Type is not only a wonder of design, it is also good for the planet. The technicians at Jaguar have refitted the E-Type with a zero emissions all electric power engine. Today only a few prototypes exists on the market, however the intentions of Jaguar is to allow the owners of any classic E-Type to by their own will switch to the zero emissions engine and if not content switch back. 

Audi A8
Audi A8 – Image courtesy of ©Audi

04 AUDI A8 

If any car defines a contemporary limo its the Audi A8, however while well within the ranks of an essential businessman vehicle the design team never stops on improvements of the same. The latest A8s coming out of Audi are all equipped with the Level 3 autonomy features. This allows the Audi A8 to take over driver’s role up to 37mph. Audi has a A8 ready for the new AI era and is not intent on stopping the improvements anytime soon. 

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