9 Customized Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Now check out these customized gift ideas for your boyfriend to get you started

9 Customized Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

There are times when solely telling your boyfriend you appreciate them isn’t enough to give justice to how special they really are to you. While they can say that your love is all they need, sometimes you just want to go over the usual expectations, and surprise them with something that’ll make them feel appreciated beyond measure.

But if you find it difficult to decide what to buy, here’s an easy but unique idea: a personalized gift item. While you can always purchase something in stores or online, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could give them a customized gift that’s specially made for them?

While it may be a bit challenging to find shops that sell items that they can customize themselves, like a one-stop custom shop, you can always get around this by looking for custom printing services first. These are specialty shops where you can either bring in your item for personalized printing, or choose from their wide range of products that are meant for custom printing. When you find a product that the seller can’t customize, just bring it to a custom printing shop, or consult with them first before you buy something you’d like them to print on. Have a look at Stephen David Leonard for a variety of personalized and meaningful gifts for every occasion.

Now check out these customized gift ideas for your boyfriend to get you started:

9 Customized Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

  1. Customized T-Shirt

If your boyfriend is a fan of the ultimate casual wear, you may want to get him a specially-designed t-shirt. Aside from the usual names, you can also add a custom logo design that your boyfriend will love. You can simply hire a graphic artist to help you create a more professional design if you don’t feel that confident to do it yourself.

There are plenty of online stores that offer custom t-shirts. However, you need to be meticulous when choosing because shopping online can be tricky. You can start your search with trusted companies that specialize in custom printing like Shop Strange, which will give you even more ideas about customized items.

While you’re at it, why not get one for yourself as well? You can make it more subtle by using your creativity with a couple’s hoodies or t-shirts.

  1. ‘Drive Safe’ Keychain

If your boyfriend drives a lot, make a sweet gesture that says you care with a keychain engraved with the words ‘Drive safe, I love you,’ or a meaningful quote that you both love.

You can also look for companies that can engrave your handwriting on these items, making your keychain gift more unique. This adds an even more special touch, as no other person in the world would ever have the same keychain.

Now they’ll have a daily reminder of you and why they should be extra careful when driving each time they take their car keys out.

9 Customized Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

  1. Wallet With Your Engraved Handwriting

Wallets are a classic gift that everyone appreciates. But you can kick it up a notch with a personal touch. Look for men’s wallet brands that also offer engraving services, and ask if they can use your handwriting instead. If they do, make sure to be specific with where you want it engraved.

You can also choose to write your favorite quote, or a short message for your boyfriend telling them how much you adore them and that you’d like to keep them forever.

When it comes to choosing a wallet, you shouldn’t just opt for the most customizable one. The actual product’s quality is just as important if you want it to really last.

  1. Cutting Board

If your boyfriend loves to cook and is usually in the kitchen whipping up tasty meals, you may want to give them a high-quality cutting board that’ll not only be useful but will also look good in their kitchen.

Wooden cutting boards usually allow for customization as you can easily engrave it with anything you want. Start by choosing a color and design that’ll suit the theme and style of your boyfriend’s kitchen.

Then, add their name, last name, or initials, preferably on the handle so it won’t easily wear off. You can also add ‘kitchen’ after their name, or a quote from their favorite chef, to give them more inspiration whenever they work in the kitchen.

When looking for a custom cutting board, focus on the quality. Ideally, you should go for thicker ones so you get more longevity. You can also ask what kind of wood it’s made of, including its finish, which will give you an idea how suitable it is for engraving.

  1. Customized Apron

Another gift idea for your boyfriend who loves to cook is a customized apron that may inspire them to be more creative when doing their magic in their kitchen.

Aprons may look simple but they’re very useful in the kitchen, whether you’re cooking or baking. If you want to protect your boyfriend’s clothes from the mess that often comes with kitchen work, why not do it with style?

Giving your boyfriend a customized apron would be a great idea as they’ll remember how much you appreciate and support their passion for cooking. You could write their names with the title ‘chef’ just for fun, even if they didn’t really go to a culinary school.

9 Customized Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

  1. Computer Mouse Or Desk Pad

For your gamer boyfriend, it’ll be great if you could give them a customized mouse or desk pad as a gift. While they’re pretty common in the market, as you can get them anywhere, personalizing them will make them one-of-a-kind.

While there are plenty of designs that you can choose from online, it’s always easier if the shop that sells them can also do the custom services you’ll need. You can look for a standard design and just put your initials at the bottom so they’ll be reminded of you every time they look down on their keyboards.

Computer mouses and desk pads are often subjected to constant friction, which may cause prints to fade faster. This is why you should also consider the material and the type of printing to make sure it’ll last longer. If the seller can’t do customization, you can first inquire with printing shops that can. Those that specialize in personalization will be able to give you advice and options to help you get the quality you want.

  1. Wooden Photo Board

If your boyfriend loves displaying photos on their walls, or they’re looking for new designs but just don’t have the time to look, you can surprise them with a wooden photo board.

A wooden photo board is a small plank where you can creatively arrange your favorite photos in. While it lends a country or rustic vibe to the room, it’s easily customizable to suit any theme. You can add small, crafty designs around the photos in it, or engrave it with a name or a quote.

As for the photos, it could be pictures of you together, his beloved pet, or a collection of male photography inspirations to give him creative ideas for his next photos.

9 Customized Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

  1. Beer Glass Or Mug

For the boyfriend who loves to drink beer and just couldn’t get enough of it, you may want to consider giving them a personalized beer glass or mug as a gift.

A beer glass comes in many shapes and designs, so you’ll never run out of options to choose from. You can also give them a classic beer mug with a small customized detail, or do a print that’s as loud and bold as your love for him to make it obvious that it’s for their use only.

Another idea is using their names or their initials with a creative logo to make it look like their very own brand. You can look for a free editing software online, which will help you customize your logo, or just hire someone to do it you.

  1. Custom Gift Package

What could be more special than a gift set you curated yourself with your boyfriend in mind? A custom gift pack often comes in a specially-designed gift box, but what makes it truly special is what’s inside. If your boyfriend is a foodie, fill it with his favorite food items that are hard to find. If he’s the vain type, curate a special set that consists of his holy grail skincare products.

Customized gift packs are a great way to show your boyfriend how much effort you’re willing to exert just to make him feel special. No matter what you plan collecting for this gift pack, it’s always a plus to make sure it’ll have everything they’ll need and want, be it for gluttony or vanity.


Showing your boyfriend some appreciation is always a great idea, which you can easily accomplish with personalized gifts. Words aren’t always enough, and it’s always sweeter when there’s more thought and attention given to what you gift them. Customized gift items aren’t only a display of one’s appreciation, but it also shows how much you pay attention to the small details about that special someone’s personality, which can mean so much in a relationship.


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