Gender Neutral Décor: How to Mix Masculine & Feminine Style?

This article will brief you on ways to mix feminine and masculine styles without compromising on style and comfort

Gender Neutral Décor How to Mix Masculine & Feminine Style

Moving in as a couple to a new house can be an exciting start to a lovely journey, however, decorating it according to the likes of both can be slightly hard. You certainly don’t want to make it too masculine or feminine, as you want to create a space that is inviting and comfortable for both. Therefore, cooperation is a must. For instance, you can purchase neutral-colored slipcovers for couches and opt for a gender-neutral sofa.

But the real question is what makes décor items or furniture pieces gender neutral? This article will brief you on ways to mix feminine and masculine styles without compromising on style and comfort. Read on!


Masculine furniture is more inclined towards sturdy materials such as leather and darker colors. Whereas, feminine style furniture features softer fabric like velvet and silk with lighter colors.

In order to create a gender-neutral décor, you can opt for wooden sofas and neutralize it with a cozy mauve-colored throw blanket and multi-colored elegant throw pillows. This will make sure your sofa creates a perfect balance between both styles. Nowadays, with lots of great sofa brands on the market, it is easy to find a perfect sofa that will please you and your partner.

Gender Neutral Décor How to Mix Masculine & Feminine Style


Generally, masculine colors are considered to be darker, such as black, dark brown, gray, and deep blue, whereas, feminine colors are lighter and softer, like hues of pink, purple, and peach.

Therefore, if the walls of your house are painted dark gray, you can neutralize the masculine look by using different accessories in a feminine style. So, placing a metallic gold coffee table and a peach-colored rug with white curtains will create the perfect look.


If you want to mix masculine and feminine style flawlessly, you need to take care of the patterns in your décor as well. Although it may seem like a very tiny detail, it will make a huge difference.

Simple geometric patterns and harsh lines are masculine patterns, while, on the other hand, floral patterns are more feminine. Therefore, you shouldn’t incorporate them into your home decor on their own.

You should instead try to mix and match. For instance, you can go with stripes or plaids design while staying away from glitz and glam.

Gender Neutral Décor How to Mix Masculine & Feminine Style

Décor Items

For décor items, it’s also essential to make sure you keep the balance between masculine and feminine style. Masculine theme features strong materials like wood and metal, whereas, feminine decor theme is inclined towards softer and simple yet chic items.

Hence, you should try adding both of these items into your décor and if you’re trying to find a balance, you can definitely get creative. For example, if your bedroom has a feminine curvy floor lamp, you can redecorate it or balance it by adding another stylish lamp on your side of the bed.

Final Thoughts

Having a gender-neutral décor theme doesn’t mean you can’t make your home look modern and chic, you just have to look for ways to balance things out or even talk to your partner about their preferences. If one item makes the theme too masculine, try adding a feminine touch to it and vice versa. This way, everyone can feel at home.

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