Stealth Mode On: How to Get Your Girl’s Ring Size

Ring Size

Every man dreams of presenting the perfect engagement ring to his girlfriend. You want to find the right size, design, and finish that complement her taste. Of course, you won’t take her to the jeweler to find the right size; it will ruin the surprise. You need to figure out her size alone or with the help of a friend.

Rings are a symbol of love, commitment, and honor to each other. Some cultures, like that of ancient Rome, believed a ring gave women a right over their husband’s possessions. The ancient Egyptians, meanwhile, are credited with introducing the typical circular shape of the ring, claiming it symbolizes the everlasting union between man and wife. Additionally, the common belief of wearing the engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand was as a result of the idea that the veins on the fourth finger connect directly to the heart. The beliefs remain relevant in the 21st century as women wear the engagement ring on the fourth finger.

These beliefs and symbolism mean that rings should last a lifetime, hence the need to find the right size. The text gives tips on how to find the right size of budget-friendly engagement rings without her knowledge.

Things to Consider

Understand Ring Sizes

Standard ring sizes have the measurements in millimeters based on the circumference of the ring. Jewelers use standard scales so that a woman’s size 6 is the same from one shop to another. However, regional factors affect standard sizing as some use numerical scales while others use alphabetical scales.

Additionally, you need to consider the jeweler’s ring size chart as it varies from one jeweler to another. This is because two metrics are used when obtaining the ring size chart: the inner circumference of the ring and the side edge of the ring. What’s more, the style of the ring affects how well it fits your partner. A diamond ring, for example, can’t be resized after it has been designed because it stretches the metal holding the stone in place, causing it to fall off.

Ring Size

The Shape of the Finger

There are different types of fingers, and they affect the size and fit of the ring. If your girlfriend has a tapered finger that widens toward the base, look for a ring that has a snug fit, because rings easily fall off from tapered fingers.

Some people have knotted fingers (that is, the knuckle is the widest part) while others have fingers whose rings fit loosely at the base. In the latter case, find a ring that has sizing beads fitted to the sparkler; they act as pressure points to keep the ring in place.

Ring Size

The Band Width

Rings that have a thin band tend to be larger while thick ones have a snug fit. As such, if the ring has thick metal, it will fit tighter. It means a thick size 6 ring will not fit the same way as a thin size 6 ring will. If you prefer buying rings that have delicate thin bands, choose a smaller size.

The Environment

Factors such as diet, temperature, season, activity, and pregnancy can impact the size of one’s fingers. Heat causes fingers to expand while extremely cold seasons lead to contraction, making the ring have a tight fit. Experts advise couples to take such measurements when the body has a normal temperature.

Getting the Right Size

Compare with Another Ring

If your girlfriend wears rings, you can carry one and compare it with the one you intend to buy. Measure the inner diameter, and compare those measurements with the size guide at the jeweler’s. You can also print the guide to scale and compare it with ring images to find one that matches that diameter and size.

Ring Size

Ring from GUCCI Fall Winter 2018 Collection

Visit the Jeweler

If you don’t trust your judgment, visit the local jeweler for more accurate measurement. The jeweler will use a large keychain that has a set of rings for each size, which you can try at home to determine a good fit.

If your girlfriend buys most of her jewelry from a local jeweler in your areas, then you are lucky. Being a professional, your jeweler should help you choose the appropriate size right away. Keep in mind that some jewelers use standard sets, which are thicker than the normal band size while others use rings that mimic in-house band widths and in-house designs.

Ring from VERSACE Fall Winter 2018 collection

Talk to Friends and Family

More people involve their partners in the engagement-ring selection, but some still want to maintain surprise their partners. If you still can’t determine your significant other’s ring size, talk to her closest friend, mom, or relative. They will help you identify the right size or take a photo of your girlfriend where her hands are visible to the jeweler. The visual makes a great source for getting a suitable ring-size range.

If All Else Fails

Without a doubt, different factors affect the ring size of your significant other. There is no definite formula for finding the right size, but the points discussed should come in handy. If the ring does not fit well, you can always visit a jeweler to resize it up or down.

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