7 Ways Your Bachelor Pad Can Become More Attractive

Though not everyone has the money to spend on dark wood interiors, there are still plenty of easy ways to give your current pad a complete refresh

7 Ways Your Bachelor Pad Can Become More Attractive

We see them all the time in movies: swanky bachelor pads that ooze sophistication and are kitted out with all the latest tech and whiskey decanters. As the place where you spend most of your time, and where you hope to impress a few women, it’s only right that you turn your pad into the most attractive one it can be.

Though not everyone has the money to spend on dark wood interiors, there are still plenty of easy ways to give your current pad a complete refresh. You’ll be feeling at home in no time.

#1 Tackle the basics first

Before you add all your finishing touches, it’s best to start with the basics. This means picking a neutral color base and some timeless pieces of décor that will stay in your pad for years to come. For bachelor pads, it’s good to go with dark, earthy colors and deep blues to compliment warm whites. Picking these colors will upgrade your space from outdated and young to sophisticated and sleek.

Once you’ve picked out some colors, you can then begin decorating with furniture pieces, like a wide double bed, a mid-century coffee table, or a plush leather sofa.

7 Ways Your Bachelor Pad Can Become More Attractive

#2 Know that comfort is key

When you are picking out a sofa, it’s easy to go for style over substance; in the off-chance you were to have anyone over- be it friends or people you’re dating- it’s wise to combine style with comfort. In fact most reupdated furniture sites will have great reviews of their couches, many of which you can chop and change to suit the mood.

Though you’ll want to avoid clutter, investing in high-quality bed linen is also key. We are spending more time indoors than ever before, so you’ll want to enjoy both looking at your décor and spending time in it.

#3 Stick to minimalist styles

When we imagine bachelor pads, we think of spaces free from clutter and visual noise. Often with wooden floors and dark leather interiors, you can take inspiration from these kinds of bachelor pads when upgrading your space.

Start with picking out some staples for your pad, like an office desk, some lounge chairs, and some artwork. Use Scandinavian style to bring your space into the modern-day and avoid cliché décor from the 90s. For further help, you can try using platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for visual inspiration.

7 Ways Your Bachelor Pad Can Become More Attractive

#4 Get the right gadgets

The best bachelor pads don’t just look great, they are kitted out with all the latest gadgets. Music and movie lovers should head for surround-sound speaker systems, while sports lovers should think more about investing in a widescreen TV. These are long-term additions that will be worth the investment as the years go on, but not everyone can afford to splash that kind of cash.

If you’re short on money, you can check out online marketplaces like eBay to see if you can get a deal your bank account is happy with. You know you will get more use out of these purchases due to spending more time indoors and make sure you never go for the cheapest option. Doing this will only ensure you spend more money in the long run. When it comes to fitting your space with these gadgets, you can always call in a favor from any handyman friends.     

7 Ways Your Bachelor Pad Can Become More Attractive            

#5 Create a bar area

The only thing always seen in classy bachelor pads on TV is a bar area. If you have the kind of money to spend on fitting and kitting out a bar, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. For those short on money, you can still have the bar experience using some creative thinking.

In fact, a shelf unit can be more than enough to store decanters, tumblers, and spirits in. For men who prefer a cold beer, why not buy a mini-fridge to keep in your living area? Having a small table next to this to store spirits and tumblers means you can always have a minibar at hand. Some men might even want to build their own bar to save on money. Just make sure to keep it stocked with some classic drinks, and always have some cocktail recipes on hand for when you host people.

7 Ways Your Bachelor Pad Can Become More Attractive

#6 Keep it clean

Once you have decorated your bachelor pad, it’s understandable that you will want to show it off. For this reason (and a few others), you should keep cleanliness at the forefront of your mind. Something as simple as sweeping the dust from your floor and keeping work surfaces free from germs can make your pad feel and look more sophisticated.

The most important thing, however, is making sure your space is free from clutter. This means no leaving dirty laundry on the floor or coats draped across the back of a chair. If you make some changes every day, it’ll be easier to stay proud of the space you have created. To make it easier, store your clutter away using some clever storage solutions.

7 Ways Your Bachelor Pad Can Become More Attractive

#7 Don’t forget personal touches

A home without personal touches can feel cold and unwelcoming, and the same goes for even the classiest of bachelor pads. You want any guests to feel like they are stepping into an inviting space, so it is essential to add some personal touches around the home.

This could be anything from a framed sports team shirt to some souvenirs you have picked up on your travels; favorite books to golden lighting. These are the parts of your personality people will want to know. Just make sure not to veer into the territory of cluttering your space as this can make it look messy.

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