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15 Clever Things Male Models Do Before the Fashion Week

Whenever the name modeling is mentioned, many people assume it’s easy and anyone can succeed. For others, it’s all about understanding how to walk on the runway, and you’re good to go. It’s until you went trying on an event that you’ll realize that much effort is needed. Currently, the industry is doing ok for most lady models because many sponsors are willing to strike a deal with them. We can both agree that ladies and fashion go in handy and so, there is always a new product hitting the market.

However, for the male models, much effort is needed when starting out. With the fashion week hitting the industry twice every year, there is an opportunity for upcoming male models to strut down the runway. Most individuals don’t understand that prepping for the big events may take even years. Every male model has to take time and experiment what makes him feel and look the best. Of course, a picture-perfect look doesn’t come by magic.

Without saying much, I will continue and provide you with 15 smartthings male models do before the fashion week. 

1.Working out

Strutting down the runway with all eyes on you means that the model needs to be in his best shape. Therefore, hitting the gym is non-negotiable. However, the type of work out varies from one model to another. Some people require intense work out than others because of their body shape and weight.  However, the need for a perfect body doesn’t mean that one goes into superman-mode. Bright models take what their body can handle and make it a habit. The likes of Tyson Beckford have confessed to doing up to 600 sit-ups in a given day. So, you know what that means based on his super portfolio. For the beginners, working out for a modeling shape may be a challenge. But, luckily, there are personal trainers out there willing to help the models through the journey. Most clever models work in close collaboration with successful trainers who’ve trained models before, and it bears them the sweet fruits.

2.Eating healthy and not starving themselves

Food is vital for every living creature. Therefore, a modeling gig should not interfere with your eating habits. We’ve all come across famous models and even actors claiming that they survive on one meal a day diet, and we ask ourselves, how? The idea behind the strict diet is to keep the daily calorie intake in check. However, the plan may not work for some. We both know that our bodies are all different.  The smart male models take their time and rely on an average but healthier diet. After all, you need a healthy and robust body to tiptoe down the runway. However, it’s wise to reduce the snacks as they can affect your perfect body shape. Also, adding a lot of veg and fruits is essential as one awaits the big event. So, don’t be tempted to do those crazy diets that you find online. Some of them are even hard to believe.

3.Keeping calm

Prepping for the fashion week might be hectic. It’s a big event, and so, many models are not sure of what to expect. Therefore, it’s advisable to learn how to remain calm at all time. Otherwise, it might be difficult to handle even the rehearsals. We both know that the rehearsals entail trying many different clothes with people around you. Therefore, patience and a fresh mind are vital for those seeking to climb to higher ranks. The trick here is to love yourself first, and the rest will fall in place. Almost every model doesn’t showcase what he wants. It’s the sponsors who give one what to wear. So, if you’re not ok with specific clothes, how sure are you that you’ll be confident on the runway?

4.Staying hydrated

Water is life, and for a model, it’s an essential part of the diet. Most of the talented models always have a bottle of water with them. The habit increases the urge to drink water. According to science, a hydrated body means a better-looking skin. We both know that one’s skin appearance is vital when it comes to being chosen to model. Also, water helps in speeding metabolism. However, most people don’t understand that water helps in preventing dizziness, and fainting. We both know that the two complications can even block your opportunity to appear in the fashion week.

5.Getting enough sleep

Having the fashion week around the corner doesn’t mean that one has to spend the nights worrying about nothing. After all, it’s a fashion week and not the end of the world. In modeling, confidence is essential. Platforms such as the fashion week are usually an opening to limitless opportunities.  Therefore, when preparing for the event, it’s advisable to get enough sleep, at least five to eight hours a day. Rest is essential. It’s during sleep that one’s body gets to charge up and the mind relaxes ready for the following day. Not getting sufficient sleep can interfere with one’s picture-perfect look. Therefore, getting enough sleep is non-negotiable when it comes to preparing for the photo shoots and the fashion week.

6.Learning from the best

Professionals always insist that every day is a learning opportunity and this applies to the fashion industry too. The fashion week is a great platform, and no model hits the runway with the thought of losing. Therefore, preparation is vital and can never be overlooked. It is during the prepping time that one hires the services of a qualified trainer. Most of the trainers have been in the industry long enough and encountered different successful models. Therefore, they are the perfect individuals to bring the best version of the model. Currently, the number of male models is small. Getting a trainer who is familiar with the male world may at times be a challenge. However, this doesn’t mean that you prepare for the fashion week blindly. Today, and with the advancements in tech, you can find modeling tips and even clips from successful men models. Remember, that the fashion world changes with time. So, it’s wise to learn the new changes from the established fellows.

7.Getting a perfect exposure

As stated earlier, the modeling industry isn’t a walk in the park for the male models. The number of opportunities is limited as compared to the female category. As a result, the competition is stiff for the men. Hence, for one to make it, building a name is vital. Most established companies prefer working with established models, as they know how to maneuver around. Therefore, the smart models take their time to get the right exposure. It’s the exposure to the modeling agencies that enhance your portfolio and hence a successful career.

Therefore, it’s wise to submit your killer shots to almost every model scouting company before the fashion week. This exposure open ways to top professionals in the industry who may be willing to support your career.  Also, coming up with a website or opening up social media pages can be of great benefit. These online platforms make it easy for companies to reach you, as well as, note how serious you are with the modeling career. Remember, no modeling professional is willing to work with a model who isn’t sure of what he wants.

8.Waxing or laser hair removal

Many upcoming men models insist that waxing or laser hair removal should be left for the women. Yes, the removal of hair works better with the women. But, today, being hairless is beautiful, and that’s according to the beauty standards. The smart models understand the importance of being hairless, and that’s why they do waxing before the fashion week, for example. At times it might feel awkward for a man to hit the spa for a waxing session. But, as a model, you can never shy away from such places. It’s advisable to time your waxing appointment perfectly. Some individuals have sensitive skin than others, and thus may develop bumps and redness which can interfere with their appearance during the fashion week. Also, to avoid the hassle and pain one encounters while waxing, most people prefer the laser hair removal. It’s efficient and does not have to be repeated often.

9.Cutting down the solid foods

In the recent past, many successful models have confessed boldly that they cut out all solid foods a week or two before the fashion week. It’s a type of dieting that most upcoming models are yet to understand, especially the males. Living on the liquid only diet is one of the fastest ways to shed the excess weight. Additionally, a liquid only diet reduces the cases of bloating, a trick that the smart models understand. We both know that a swollen stomach can interfere with your modeling preparations, as well as, interfere with your killer poses.

10.Learn how to change clothes fast

The fashion week is a busy event. The activities taking place are usually many. Models spend the entire week crisscrossing from the runway to different platforms. Therefore, it’s advisable to learn how to dress fast and correctly. Many successful models insist that one should learn how to change clothes in the back of a car. We both know that the event is usually crowded, and so, the chances are that it might be difficult to secure a changing room. The smart models learn how to dress comfortably in the car. You may not realize how the fast dressing may help you until the big day because the modeling companies always want you to be there when they need you.

11.Understanding the right haircut

When it comes to modeling, the hairstyle plays a vital role in creating the final image. The fashion week presents many different fashion designs. Each design requires a unique haircut to create the image. You should never confuse the audience. You need to ask yourself what design favors your line of presentation. Some clothing designs are casual and hence can incorporate with a shaggy hairstyle, for example. Others are executive, and thus your haircut should be well-kempt, or short.  Understanding the right hairstyle can be a challenge for the newbies, especially, and that’s where the agency comes. Every agency understands the line of presentation items. Therefore, the successful models consult with their agencies to know how their hair should appear before the fashion week.

12.Practice a lot

Many people still argue that modeling is all about a right body type, and you’re good to hit the runway.That’s not true. A lot of practice is needed to make a walk on the track. Walking on the runway is different from the regular steps. You’re presenting yourself here. Therefore, the presentation should be in a position to convince your audience and in a professional manner. Practicing the walk begins at home in front of a full-length mirror. The idea might sound weird especially when it’s a man, but, it’s worth it in the long run.  Besides, many successful models consult with the trainers to help them perfect the walk, as well as, poses. The practices help in boosting one’s confidence during the actual event. Also, many talented models confess of borrowing an idea or two from the established models. For the male models, you might be in a situation where you’re required to carry a bag along the runway. Such instances may seem easy but are demanding when it’s on a real event. Therefore, it’s wise to do much digging and practice every style that you can borrow. Such broad preparation boosts one’s confidence, as well as, opens up more opportunities.

13.Know how to interact with people

Professionals always insist that the first impression can give the overall idea.For example, when prepping for the fashion week, most models forget to perfect their interaction skills. Remember, an event such as the fashion week is usually an opening to limitless opportunities. So, you must be ready to go straight to them. The talented models understand how to use the power of their tongue to convince every listening ear when given the chance. Such courage helps in boosting the sponsor’s confidence in them. Who knows, someone might be looking to strike a deal with you immediately after your presentation.

14.Learning how to pack in a hurry

The week before the fashion week can be hectic especially because of the tension. Also, it may be filled with endless appointments and activities which means that one may be forced to engage in more tasks than on regular days. Therefore, many smart models learn how to pack their items even when in a hurry. There will always be an urgent call requesting your presence and hence learning how to pack in a hurry saves you the agony. Also, learning how to pack early reduces the chances of forgetting an essential item that may ruin your fashion week. Imagine forgetting your ID, for example, and it ends up messing your big day. Sounds terrible? That’s why it’s necessary for models to learn how to pack in a hurry.

15.Avoiding alcohol

For most men, avoiding alcohol is usually a challenge. However, we can both agree that when it comes to succeeding, one must be willing to sacrifice even the things we love. For modeling, avoiding alcohol is one of the few steps towards a successful career. First, alcohol, especially beer, increases the calorie count in the body. Therefore, all your workouts may go into waste in case you hit the local bar daily. Also, alcohol gets one’s body dehydrated and hence interfering with the picture-perfect skin.

Drinking alcohol can also spoil one’s preparations for the fashion week. That, why most models avoid alcohol a few weeks before a big event. Conclusion The modeling world isn’t welcoming to the men. The opportunities are limited, and so men are forced to prepare more as compared to the women. As explained in the article, there are a few things that successful models do before a major event.

Read and understand each one of them. They are the key to a successful modeling career.

Images by Benoit Auguste captured backstage at Pal Zileri‘s Spring Summer 2019 menswear show – See the full story here

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