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November’s best of Instagram moments with Conan Gray, Stephen James, Garrett Neff, Travis Scott and more:

November runs quickly with some of must-see Instagram moments featuring Jaden Smith, Travis Scott and Conan Gray but also top models Garrett Neff and Stephen James among guys and fresh faces you must follow. 

Discover the best of November Instagram action after the jump: 

Jordan Torres


Philipp Kamper

You will get there ? – This year flew by so fast, and has really taught me some lessons! We must always try to focus on the things we have an influence on. We have to keep going, even if it’s just step by step! Patience, which is definitely one of my weaknesses, is important! However, I am sure that we can achieve everything, and we will get there, but we definitely have to keep going!@philippkamper

Gage Gomez

SpongeBob: Hmm, let’s see, paper towels. [takes a roll off the shelf] This one says “best paper towel around.” [takes another roll off the shelf] This one says “best paper towel in town.” Hmm. [comparing the two] In town, around, in town, around. [turns to the Tattletale Strangler] What do you think bodyguard?… Anyways how’s everyone’s semester going, its really flying by. Speaking of flies, don’t you just love the Drosophila melanogaster? Heck of a revolutionary. Speaking of revolutions: In a simple model of the hydrogen atom, the electron moves in a circular orbit of radius 0.053 nm around a stationary proton. How many revolutions per second does the electron make? Express your answer using two significant figures. @im_gage

Yannick Connan

“Secure the bag ?” @yannick_konan

Lee Jae Wook

“??” @jxxvvxxk / Lee Jae Wook

Jaden Smith

Happy thanksgiving family ??????@c.syresmith

You ,me and I’ve saved room for some fucking Turkey @travisscott

Zsombor Hajdu

“Hotel room attire ?? ?” @zsombor_hajdu


Stephen James

two birds, one stone” @elijah

Connan Gray

heather and maniac both went platinum on the same day. absolutely insane. thank you guys so much for everything. y’all mean the world to me :,))@conangray

Garrett Neff

Her: I thought you were getting groceries… Him: ??? @gwneff

Pablo Kaestli

“From one lockdown to the next ?@pablo_kaestli


“?” @tetervinas

Florian Macek

“Ask me something?#tb” @florianmacek

“Quit beachin at me ?” @sam.dezz

Hagen Richter

You can’t make everyone happy. You are not pizza ??????@hagenrichter

omar ceesay

“???” @sdn

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