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The fans will love the new project by the male modelling world’s #01 influencer Lucky Blue Smith, and it’s just around the corner. Lucky Blue has easily brought back the supermodel stardom to the male model industry, however the young model is ready to go into BOOK scene!

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In addition to his social media popularity the NEXT Model Agency’s brightest male model star is to release a coffee table book in October this year. The coffee table book is to offer an insight into Lucky’s road to stardom, but of course also offer exclusive pictures and words of wisdom by the 18 year old model. Lucky is to give advice to his readers, and hopefully help them in this wold of Instagram and Snapchat.

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Lucky’s book is to be released in October 2016, according to British VOGUE whose journalists who also released a ‘holder cover’ of the release on their web page. Lucky Blue Smith is exclusively represented globally by NEXT Models. Lucky currently has 2.8 million followers on instagram, and has landed any cover you can imagine in the past year.