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Exclusive interview and shoot with model TREVOR SIGNORINO who talks with us about his beginnings, high profile jobs as well as fitness and nutrition. Plus – exclusive total look Moschino shoot by Marco Ovando!


MMSCENE Magazine teams up with MARCO OVANDO for an exclusive shoot featuring TREVOR SIGNORINO. For the shoot Trevor is clad exclusively in Moschino Fall 2019 collection pieces styled for the shoot with creative direction from brand’s Pablo Olea

Trevor is represented by Good Talent Management and Wilhelmina Models. For MMSCENE exclusive interviews Editor Igor Cvoro talks to Trevor about his model beginnings, high profile jobs as well as nutrition and fitness.


Hi Trevor, we are so glad to have you back at MMSCENE. You were on the cover of our 17th edition of MMSCENE Magazine, back in 2017. What have you been up to since then?

I certainly do remember and it’s a pleasure to be back and part of another project. Since we’ve last shot together I’ve continued to pursue a career in modeling for the fashion industry. Modeling is still a passion of mine and something I hope I can continue for years to come. I also achieved my bachelors degree last June and I am very glad I was able to keep on track with that. As of late during this trying time I’ve been doing my best to keep busy and focus on time with my family. Doing things like odd jobs around the house that needed attention, volunteering time at my church to help give food donations locally in my community and really just extra time on myself and education for what’s next in my life. 

With your experience, how would you describe a model’s life?

For me personally, the life of a model has been a roller coaster of a ride. You travel the country a lot and even the world and very rarely is it on your own dime. You get to meet incredibly talented people along the way and create connections all over the globe. I’ve met some of the greatest people in my life because of the fashion industry. With that being said, it’s a tough business, even cut-throat at times. You are constantly needing to be at your best, that includes mentally and emotionally as well. In a way you are always on call if you want to work a lot, and that can be a positive as well as a negative, it takes a toll from time to time. However, through the good and bad of it, I wouldn’t trade the experiences and opportunities for anything. It’s helped shape who I am today and it is certainly worth the trials that come along with it. 


Take us to the beginning. How were you discovered? And how long have you been modeling?

I was discovered back in May of 2015 in manhattan when I was just walking the streets with one of my best friends. In fact it was the first time I really got to experience the city and I can thank my friend for that. Randomly a modeling agent approached me asking what agency I was with and I was clueless at what he meant. He gave me his card and I went over to his agency a few hours later and from there I started drawing interest. I decided to check a few other agencies that day, just to get a feel if this was legitimate. The few agencies I went to, all took interest in me and 2 weeks later I came back with a signed contract and my career took off from there. It’s surreal to think I have been in the industry for just over 5 years now. 

So many people took a very big risk on me and I wanted nothing more than to make them proud and prove to myself that I deserved to be there. I was not going to let the opportunity go to waste. I put forth my best efforts and with the help of an amazing crew of people and support system.

Was modeling something you always wanted to do, or did it just kinda happen?

It’s a funny story, about 2 months before I was discovered I randomly applied to an agency online. I had a buddy take a few shots of me and I sent them in and never heard anything back. It was never really something I had thought about or pushed for but God decided to put me in the city that day and the rest is history. 


Do you recall your first shoot? How did you experience the first job you did as a model?

My first job was for VMan Magazine and it was shot by Bruce Weber. I was so nervous and honestly I didn’t think I was even ready. I had one test shoot prior to that and it was maybe an hour long. In a way though that shoot really helped me grow as a model, almost like I was thrown in the water for the first time and you either sink or swim at the point. Fortunately I treaded long enough to get to this point. 


You have done a great deal of high profile jobs. What have been your greatest achievements in your modeling career thus far?

I’ve had a lot of jobs that I can reflect back on and humbly say I was proud of the job I did but if I had to choose 1 it would be the fragrance shoot for Versace Dylan Blue. At first, I didn’t even know the extent of how big this actually was. I just assumed it was like any other shoot and it took my entire team of agents to sit me down and thoroughly explain the gravity of this job. Finally it hit me and I just kept thinking of how young and inexperienced I was in my modeling career and even though I had gotten comfortable with the idea of being in front of cameras, this was a whole new ball game. The day before the shoot I got to walk around the entire set and needed a moment to take it all in. You see well over a 100 people there putting in an incredible amount of work, time, effort and money into the entire project, it was intimidating to say the least. To an extent I didn’t even feel like I deserved to be there, so many people took a very big risk on me and I wanted nothing more than to make them proud and prove to myself that I deserved to be there. I was not going to let the opportunity go to waste. I put forth my best efforts and with the help of an amazing crew of people and support system, it came out better than I could have ever imagined. It was similar to how I explained my first shoot and being thrown in the water. After seeing the final product, it really brought my confidence to a new level and made me a better model. 

Over the years modeling has played a big role in how I do my own fitness. Motivation is key in being a consistently active person and modeling has been my biggest motivator and accountability partner to stay on top of myself.

Fitness certainly plays an important role in the life of a male model. How important is fitness to you, and what does your usual fitness routine consist of?

Fitness is a massive part of my life, thankfully it was before modeling and I know when my time is up after modeling it will still be a life passion of mine. Over the years modeling has played a big role in how I do my own fitness. Motivation is key in being a consistently active person and modeling has been my biggest motivator and accountability partner to stay on top of myself. My usual fitness routine is being in a gym 5 days a week, I change my workouts frequently but it all follows the same foundation of lifting, cardio, calisthenics, stretching, and more cardio haha. The other 2 days I still workout but in a more natural way through lifestyle hobbies. I live near the shores of New Jersey so running/bike riding the beach and boardwalks is something I do frequent, especially this time of year. 


How important is nutrition when it comes to getting the perfect shape? And what are the main things to look out for? Do you indulge in a cheat day?
If you are currently trying to achieve that perfect shape, I can safely say that nutrition is the most important piece to the puzzle. Over the years I have personally gained a lot of knowledge and experiences on the effects of nutrition. The most simple way I can put it is this, food is the fuel to your body, the better the fuel the better your body reacts. Eating right is what makes you work longer and harder (in all facets of life) and when you do that, the change will come. I personally try and always eat whole organic foods and very rarely eat anything that is classified as processed. It’s simple yet not the easiest task to abide by. My favorite “go to” whole foods that I eat daily are avocados, apples, broccoli and egg whites. Of course I have a cheat meal! In fact there’s plenty of scientific proof that states a cheat meal can help you (in moderation of course), it’s almost like a reset button for your body. When I decide to have a cheat meal it’s almost always margarita style Jersey pizza.
Do you have any beauty routine you stick to daily?
I can’t say that I do a whole lot for a beauty routine but here is what works for me. Drinking at least a gallon of water a day first and foremost. As far as products go, in the morning I use a sensitive skin cleanser and oil-free moisturizer from Mary Kay. At night time I have been using Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Kiehls Age Defender cream. I rarely do anything outside of these products.
What do you like to do when you have time off?
Hitting up a sunset at the beach with my music playing, walking my dogs and running are things I love to do in my free time, it’s where I do my best thinking and helps clear my head, if and when I need it. Golf is my newest hobby that I am obsessed with trying to make a tee time anytime I have a free day to myself. What do you enjoy the most in life?

I enjoy so many things in life but if I had to pin point one thing it has to be helping people. My mom calls me a people pleaser and although that comes with a price at times I do find so much enjoyment in helping any way I can. I think that’s why fitness and coaching has always been a passion of mine, you help kids and adults become the best version of themselves and that’s such a rewarding feeling.

Your personal passion or hidden talents?

A hidden talent of mine is touching my nose with my tongue with ease, yes this takes a great deal of talent to accomplish. [laughs]

How would you describe your personal style, where do you get your inspiration from?

My style is definitely that athletic/all American type. Sports and fitness are what drive me so you’ll usually find me the newest collections of Nike and Gym Shark and if I need to go above and beyond sweats and athletic wear it’s usually blue jeans with a fitted tee shirt. Plain and simple when it comes to my everyday style. 5 facts about you people may not know.

As I said before, having the God given talent of easily touching my nose with my tongue. I can literally quote every line from “How the grinch stole Christmas” (Jim Carrey version) it’s one of my all-role favorite movies. I think my most watched genre of movies is Rom-Com. I drink my coffee black and I actually enjoy it. I am a die hard Washington Redskins fan, even though I have lived in Jersey my whole life. 


Name three places that you want to travel to.

Hawaii, Bali, and Melbourne. 

Can you recommend to our readers: Favourite TV Shows to binge-watch / Movies to watch:

Well my most binged TV shows are: Friday Night Lights, Billions, Grey’s Anatomy, Ozark and Barry. Movies is hard but classic favorites of mine are It’s A Wonderful Life, Dark Knight, Remember the Titans, Mrs. Doubtfire, Seven Pounds and the latest movie I have enjoyed was The Invisible Man. 

What’s on your current playlist?

That’s a loaded question. I am the melting pot when it comes to music. Lately my artists have been Luke Combs, Kane Brown, Hardwell, Kygo, Foo Fighters, Daughtry, Meek Mill, Russ. 


What makes you happy?

Faith, Family, Friends, Dogs, Sports, Fitness, so many things bring me happiness but I think what I find the most happiness in, is playing a part in someone’s success. I’ve risen to the top in different facets of my life and it’s felt good but the feeling of playing a part in someone else’s life that helps them achieve something better, there’s no better feeling in my opinion. Receiving a gift feels great but it feels that much better to give a gift. 


What’s next for Trevor Signorino? Any plans for the future?

There’s a lot of opportunities I am taking into consideration these days, obtaining my degree has helped open a lot more doors for me. I am also looking to make bigger leaps for my career in fitness. I have a lot in the works and don’t want to get ahead of myself so for right now I will keep it under wraps. With that being said, modeling is and will continue to be a part of my life and hope to have a long career in the fashion industry.  

Photographer Marco Ovando –
Model Trevor Signorino @trevorsiggs
Stying and Creative Direction Pablo Olea of Moschino 
Representation Good Talent Management and Wilhelmina Models New York

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