Kolor’s Spring/Summer 2025

From sports uniforms to security gear, Junichi Abe reimagines traditional garments with a fresh twist.

Courtesy of Kolor
Junichi Abe has been pursuing the concept of “very simple but very strong looks,” as he articulated backstage before the spring Kolor show. This direction was heavily influenced by uniforms, which Abe sees as the epitome of functional and memorable design. He also drew inspiration from sports uniforms and security gear, adding a vibrant touch to the collection with colors like dark teals, yellow, and purple, alongside more muted tones of beige, khaki, and olive green.
Courtesy of Kolor
For the warmer months, Abe selected lightweight fabrics that move gracefully. He expertly crafted cottons, nylons, and summer-weight wools into parachute skirts, tailored slacks, spacious windbreakers, and boxy blousons. These choices ensured that the garments were not only stylish but also practical and comfortable for spring and summer wear.
Courtesy of Kolor

The art of layering was a key feature of Abe’s collection, achieved without creating unnecessary bulk. His patternmaking skills were evident as he seamlessly combined different pieces, resulting in cohesive and effortless looks that still appeared meticulously constructed.

Abe’s approach to decoration was refreshingly unique. Instead of traditional embellishments, he incorporated elements from staple items in unexpected ways. A short-sleeve shirt was reimagined as a front panel on a looser version, jacket sleeves took on a blouse-like flow, wader overalls were transformed into an asymmetric jumpsuit, and the quarter-lining of a jacket became a striking back detail. These innovative touches added complexity and intrigue to the garments.

Courtesy of Kolor

The setting of the show, the serene courtyard of the prestigious Lycée Henri-IV, perfectly captured the youthful and lighthearted spirit of the collection. The models’ leisurely strolls around this historic location highlighted the collection’s blend of modern design and timeless appeal, evoking a sense of nostalgia for carefree days.

Courtesy of Kolor

Junichi Abe’s spring Kolor collection masterfully combined simplicity with strength. Drawing inspiration from uniforms, selecting breathable materials, and reimagining staple elements, Abe created a collection that was both functional and striking. His innovative designs continue to push the boundaries of contemporary fashion, offering fresh and memorable looks for the modern wardrobe.

View the collection in the Gallery:

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Written by Anastasija Pavic

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