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Burberry’s Lunar New Year 2024 Campaign

A Fusion of British Elegance and Eastern Celebration

Courtesy of Burberry

In a splendid tribute to the Year of the Dragon, Burberry has unveiled its Lunar New Year 2024 collection in a campaign set in Chengdu. The collection, a blend of classic British fashion and festive Eastern symbolism, features brand ambassadors Tang Wei and Chen Kun, embodying the spirit of this special occasion.

Chengdu: The Dynamic Backdrop

The choice of Chengdu, a city that balances rich cultural history with modern dynamism, perfectly mirrors the essence of Burberry’s new collection. The lively streets of Chengdu provide an ideal setting for the collection’s fusion of traditional and contemporary elements.

Collection Features

At the heart of Burberry’s Lunar New Year collection are time-honored British designs, reimagined for the festive occasion. The iconic houndstooth pattern is prominently displayed alongside a new seasonal rose print, symbolizing the brand’s heritage. A vibrant red hue, significant in Chinese culture for symbolizing luck and prosperity, adds a celebratory touch to the collection.

Courtesy of Burberry

New Additions and Stylish Accessories

Burberry introduces innovative reinterpretations of its classic checks and debuts chic new eyewear styles. These additions are designed to blend the old with the new, exemplifying Burberry’s forward-thinking approach to fashion.

Celebrity Endorsement by Tang Wei and Chen Kun

Adding star power to the campaign, actors Tang Wei and Chen Kun, known for their sophisticated style, showcase the collection’s elegance against the urban landscape of Chengdu. Their participation brings a sense of glamour and relatability to the festive collection.

Courtesy of Burberry

The Collection’s Cultural Significance

Burberry’s Lunar New Year 2024 collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to embracing and respecting cultural traditions while pushing the boundaries of modern fashion. This fusion collection is a symbol of global unity and artistic progression in the fashion industry.

The Burberry Lunar New Year 2024 collection is not just a fashion statement but a celebration of cultural harmony and innovation. With its vibrant showcase in Chengdu and the inclusion of renowned brand ambassadors, Burberry beautifully intertwines the richness of British design with the festive essence of the Lunar New Year.

Courtesy of Burberry

Shot in Chengdu.
Photography and film by Ryan McGinley.
Cast: Tang Wei, Chen Kun, He Cong, Wang Xiangguo and Alex Schlab.

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