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Shaun Ross for Marshal Apparel Autumn Winter 2014

Shaun Ross

Top model Shaun Ross poses for Marshal Apparel autumn winter 2014 lookbook and video. In charge of the photography was The W while the accompanying video was directed by Jiri Marshall.

Marshal Apparel is not just another brand putting out a couple of printed t-shirts,“ says the founder and designer Jiri Marshal. „Cuts are the most important and the most significant part for us. Every each of the tops is cut longer than what regular length is, with slim fit silhouette.“ Each design is limited by 5 pieces a size, designed in black and white only, with minimalistic graphic details in same or contrast colours. When looking deeper into the “indie-fashion” world of today, you’ll find out that all it cares about is artwork and print. You can’t really see any authentic cuts or a meaningful concept. You can definitely steal same fame for you by selling printed t-shirts, but to come out with original, distinctive clothing line takes not just a dose of creativity, but also a courage. Shaun Ross‘s appearance in Marshal Apparel lookbook only highlights the fact, that there is no place to compromise. Everyone who is familiar with modern trends already knows, the uniform beauty is not what creators of fashion campaigns care about nowadays. Quite the opposite – to provoke and shock is what leads the more sophisticated and refined side of todays fashion world. Shaun Ross is an actor, former dancer and most of all the first black albino that made it into the modeling world.” – from Marshal Apparel

See more of the lookbook below:

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