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Nikola Jovanovic by Robert Grunenberg

Nikola Jovanovic

Model:  Nikola Jovanovic |d'management, Ford, IMMModels 1, Nest, Scoop, Success, Traffic|
Interviewer: Henning Strassburger
Photographer: Robert Grunenberg
Portrait of Nikola Jovanovic by photographer Robert Grunenberg, after the jump see Nikola's Q&A done for his NEST models agency:

Henning Strassburger: Nikola, you sad you had dark purple hair yesterday?! Did you do it by yourself??!!
Nikola Jovanovic: Noooo, I was blond and it was supposed to be my natural hair color after the shooting, but they fucked up and it was purple. They tried to fix it. Now I am orange… That’s the color for today (laughing).
Henning Strassburger: Do you hate the world when they do things like that with you?
Nikola Jovanovic: No, I don’t care anymore…
Henning Strassburger: You live in New York City, right?
Nikola Jovanovic: Yes! But don’t move to NYC, it is horrible! The other day I climbed a tree next to my apartment in Central Park. Actually it was a branch, I was obviously sitting on a thick branch to chill and enjoy the sun. Suddenly someone shouted: We gonna call the police! Like I’m going to ruin the tree!
Henning Strassburger: Well, it’s Central Park…
Nikola Jovanovic: Yeah, it’s Central Park, and there is just oooone tree like that (laughing)!
Henning Strassburger: So after today’s shoot in Berlin you are going back to Belgrade…
Nikola Jovanovic: Yes, my family lives there. And I am so happy to see all of my friends!
Henning Strassburger: Are they still the same after all this traveling throughout your career and being somewhere in the world,?
Nikola Jovanovic: Yes! You know, when you where together in kindergarten or in primary school, they just know you as you really are. That’s why I love being in Belgrade so much.
Henning Strassburger: Many would dream about living in NYC anyways.
Nikola Jovanovic: Yes, but I can tell, it is so hard to find friends in NYC. Everybody is busy and is just working working working, ’cause it’s so expensive there!
Oh wow, it really starts raining…
Henning Strassburger: Aaahhh…f*ck Nikola, run, it starts raining as hell (laughing)!
Nikola Jovanovic: Yes, to the car, yeeeeaaah!

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