How To Choose The Best Hair Products For Male Models: Tips From The Beauty Experts

Hairstyling is an indispensable part of the preparation for any fashion show or a photo shoot for glamour magazines. Today the beauty industry offers a wide variety of hairstyle products depending on the principle of action, effects, duration, and fixation. Hairstyle completes and harmonizes total look of a model.

Let’s take a look at the top hair products for male models and guys who want to be irresistible all day long.

No matter what’s your hair type, you will need a hair gel, a spray, a cream, a pomade, a conditioner or a wax.

Hair Gels for Men

Strong fixation is a rule number one for the male model industry as models usually spend five or more hours on the runway or doing photo shoots in the street.

A hair gel for men is one of the first and most popular styling products in the beauty industry. Its main difference from other male styling products is shine and wet hair effect. The main ingredients are water and polymers. Water is a basic component, and polymers are responsible for fixing the hair.

Pay special attention to the composition of the product and what type of hair the product is intended for. For example, gels for dry hair contain a large amount of oil. How to gel your hair? Dry your hair, then take some gel, rub into hair and distribute it throughout. Don’t touch your head within a few minutes.

Our choice: Kiehl’s Clean Hold Styling Gel, L’Oreal Professionnel Homme Clear Fix Gel, and Londa Professional.

Men`s Hairsprays

Hairsprays are used together with other styling products to provide strong fixation. Beauty experts also use it to give the hairstyle more volume, complete the styling, and fix the necessary shape in windy weather. The main rule is to choose the correct fixation. If a model has thick and wavy hair, the maximum fixation is recommended.

Hairsprays are applied at the end of styling to fix the result. Spray the product all over the head holding a distance of 20-25 cm.

Our choice: John Frieda Luxurious Thickening Hairspray, Schwarzkopf Professional Got2b, and Redken Instant Finishing Hairspray.


Conditioners make hair softer and manageable, give it shine, healthy and good-looking appearance. They also protect hair from dust, dirt, dry, and cold air. Hair becomes easier to comb and style, and the static effect disappears.

When choosing a conditioner for men, you need to know your hair type: oily, dry or normal. Any of these products is quite simple to use: apply it to clean washed hair, rub into thoroughly, and do not rinse for several minutes. During this time, moisturizing nutrients are absorbed into the hair structure.

Our choice: American Crew Daily Conditioner, Jack Black Nourishing Conditioner, and K+S Conditioner for Men.


Wax is a widely used grooming product made on the basis of vaseline. It is suitable for creating accents on a certain part of the hairstyle, for treating the ends of hair, and for making punk hairstyle. It is very important to use the right amount of wax, otherwise, it will be difficult to wash it off from hair.

Take a small amount of the product and quickly apply it on dried hair. As it contains paraffin, the product will not work for wet hair. Wax is more suitable for men with thick hair who prefer short haircuts.

Our choice: Maneuver Work Wax by Redken, Kiehl’s Creative Cream Wax, and Jack Black Wax Pomade.

In the beauty industry, any detail matters and plays its role. A good haircut and fashion look is only a part of the right male image. Hairstyling is the final touch.

All Images by  Fashion Photographer Elias Tahan starring top model Mark Maceachen for MMSCENE Portraits online exclusive

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