Different High Fade Haircuts for Men and Women

We’ve compiled a list of our best high fades for men and women, and we’re confident you’ll enjoy them as much as we do

Photography by ©Jonas Müller for MMSCENE

High fade haircuts are among the trendiest hairstyles at the moment, there’s no need to explain why. Fades reach the middle-ground between balance and edginess like no other haircut can: they are both classic and modern, well-groomed, tidy and yet messy and rebellious. They are versatile enough to adjust to all people.

Today, we have a list of our favorite high fades for men and women, and we’re sure you’re going to love them as much as we have.

Our Favorite High Fade Haircuts For Men

High fade haircuts are the most demanded style at men’s barber shops. If you don’t want to follow the crowd, try one of our most daring styles from our top 7 selection:

Short Hair Brush Up on Top

We don’t like products to style hair. That can do for a night or two, but who’s willing to apply uncomfortable hair products on a daily basis? The short hair brush up on top fade requires hair drying and combing and… nothing else. It looks fluffy, touchable and remarkable. Ladies love it. Easy, yet elegant, it had to come on top.

Strong Fade and Slick Back

Now for the ultimate office look, this hairstyle will get you going in bars and nightclubs as well. Versatility at its best, this is the epitome of high fades. A timeless buzz only for the daring ones out there searching for elegance and sophistication with a touch of edginess.

Buzz Cut Drop

The buzz cut represents a classy, safe choice that is both familiar and yet noticeable, subtle and yet screaming uniqueness. Adding a slit shave at temple height can add a lot to it, while permitting a lot of extra detailing. Don’t hesitate to add some creativity to it and take it to the next level.

High Fade with Dreads on Top

One of the coolest options for afro-lovers. Shorter dreads can give an incredibly sophisticated and elegant flair to this look. This is as original as you can get, so you are sure to attract attention. Make sure you’re OK with that (shy guys refrain).

Disconnected High Fade

The disconnected undercut above the highest fade is a winning combination when it comes to hairstyles. It looks both sleek and elaborated and yet simple, so you want to keep it more classic and let it do wonders by itself.

High Fade with Tribal Textures

You will need to find an amazing barber and be reckless for this one. Will you dare? If you do, arrows and tribal shapes look amazing when it comes to textures.

The High-Faded French Crop

For a more relaxed period in your stressful high fade haircut life, we recommend this laid-back, low-maintenance style that looks contemporary, bold and perfect for the most artistic side of you.

Photography by ©Jonas Müller for MMSCENE

High Fade Haircuts For Women

High-fades may not be as popular among women… no, wait. No woman should go through life without trying out some of these, so let’s jump straight into what fades you should consider according to your type of hair.

Long Hair High Fade

Long hairs can suffer from a severe lack of originality if they show a boring, uniform straight-cut. High fades will do wonders by:


  • Giving a dynamic look to your hair without cutting it shorter
  • High fading around your face to make it stand out


Just be careful, as high fading too much can also damage your hair.

Short Hair High Fade

High fades are the rule when it comes to shorter hair, whether you’re pixie, more rock n’ roll or you just want to avoid looking like you’re wearing a hat all the time. Depending on your type of hair you might want to go for a higher fade or lesser, according to the amount of volume and intensity you want.

Thick Hair High Fade

High fade allows mastering thick hair like no product can, it will make them lighter and easier to curl, which can be a true life saver. This option is perfect if you do not want to have too much volume on top.

Curly Hair High Fade

A high fade on curly hair allows you to curl like you have never curled before. The key here is not to cut your hair too short or you will have too much volume on top.

Thin Hair High Fade

The point of high fades is to add volume to your hair, so this is the best way to go when it comes to thin hair. Just be careful not to fade too much, especially if you do not have too much hair, or you may give the impression of thinning.

Suffering from a lack of hair?

Many people decide to trim their hair to cover a lack of density on top. If this is your case, a hair transplant in Istanbul has become a great option due to great medical services at affordable prices. If hair regrowth products have not worked, it might be worth looking into it.

Be Daring and Experiment

If you’re not suffering from hair loss, the worst thing that can happen is that you won’t like your hairstyle and it will grow back very quickly. Our advice is: dare to express yourself and be experimental! Don’t be too stingy and invest a bit of money by going to a good barbers. It will pay off!

Images from MMSCENE STYLE STORIES: Carl Bistram by Jonas Müller – See the full story here

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